4 Reasons Why It’s Worth Advertising Products Over Christmas

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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Putting your ads on hold during Christmas can make you miss the opportunity to convert customers in the new year.


When you’re dropshipping from overseas, you might be thinking of stopping ads when it’s too close to Christmas. As many issues might come up as the holiday draws in, this could be the solution that you’re considering to save yourself the headache that last-minute orders bring. Who wants to deal with tons of emails from last-minute Christmas shoppers wanting to have their purchases delivered on Christmas day? No one! Not to mention the risk for refunds and chargebacks at these times is very high. You wouldn’t want to lose more money than you earned when these happen.

If you’re thinking ahead of the consequences that running ads over Christmas can bring, this seems the right move. The sales you can get from customers will not be worth the trouble that comes after when they would not receive their products on Christmas Day or on New Year’s eve. Also, running ads during the holiday season is extremely expensive and if you’re not seeing returns, you’ll be losing money faster than generate them.



However, not advertising your business until the New Year could backfire on you. Why? Here are 4 reasons:


#1 Spending soars up.

This is the time of the year when people like to spend their money on buying things they need. It’s their way of making themselves happy after working hard all year round. They could be buying gifts for themselves or for people that means a lot to them. These things may not be Christmas gifts but gifts meant to inspire people to start the New Year right. Post-holiday gift buying happens and your business could take advantage of that when you’re running ads.


#2 Traffic volume rises.

People have more time to search for stuff online during the holidays than they do on regular days. As they are not spending their time in their day jobs or schools, they are undoubtedly using their free time to other activities, including browsing the Internet. There are moments that people require immediate answers and solutions to their concerns. If your dropshipping products can help solve their problems, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of bagging their business before your competitors can.


#3 People want to start their New Year’s resolutions.

Everyone wants to change their lives in the new year. They might want to get healthier and fit by joining a gym, quitting their vices, losing weight, or watching their diets. Maybe they want to limit their carbon footprint by buying eco-friendly products and so on. People want to start as soon as possible to fulfill their resolutions. If you’re running ads over Christmas about products that can help them in achieving their goals for the New Year, they will likely buy from you before the year ends.

Consider creating a retargeting campaign to re-capture the people who have visited your site. As many people can take 30 to 60 days to make their decision when it comes to buying things, they might be making purchase decisions as early as December for what they need in February. If you want people to find you, you have to run ads be it on Facebook, Instagram, or any other channels.


#4 You might lose your position to your competitors.

If you stop your ads and your competitors keep advertising, you are more likely to lose whatever edge you have. However, if they drop their ads and you keep running yours, you’ll have the advantage of getting more clicks and sales while extremely reducing your Cost Per Click (CPC). Not only that, people that would be interested in the dropshipping products you sell would likely buy from you when they don’t see your competitors’ ads.

Regardless if its a brand awareness campaign, conversions campaign, or other campaign objectives, you have to continue running ads throughout the holiday season to stay competitive in your industry.


Key Takeaway

Putting advertising on hold until the new year can help you save expenses but, it can make you lose opportunities too. Advertise for your goals on Q1 2020, not for Q4 2019. Continue advertising your dropshipping business so you’ll reap the rewards of your efforts when Q1 starts.

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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