4 Reasons Why Your Dropshipping Website Is Not Converting

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of www.www.productmafia.com the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Are you wondering why you have a lot of traffic but no sales on your dropshipping website? Many reasons make people hesitate in buying from you. I’m going to discuss the most common issues in this post and recommend solutions to boost conversions in your dropshipping store.


Issue #1: Low-quality product photos.

Acquiring high-quality product photos is a common problem that many drop shippers face. Some dropshipping suppliers have low-resolution photos or pixelated photos of dropshipping products in their stores. If you don’t have the means to create unique, high-quality images yourself, you’ll end up using what the suppliers have in their sites.

Good photos showing the product from different angles can help customers imagine how it will look like in reality. As they cannot touch or inspect the product they’ll need more information from you through product photos and descriptions. Take a look at some of the photos used by Taylor Stitch on their Moto Boot product page:

The above photo shows how the boot would look on the wearer’s foot when worn outdoors. The photo below, on the other hand, is a clean presentation of the leather product that works well with online stores – white background and a dramatic blend of light and shadows to attractively present the boots for customer’s perusal.


Photographing products yourself and editing photos using photo editing tools is best. However, if this is not financially possible, use suppliers’ photos instead but make sure that you edit them to create high-quality versions that are crisp and compelling. By using good quality photos, you make it easier for the buyers to learn the product features and creates the impression that they’re dealing with a professional.

Issue #2: Customers can’t trust you.

Frauds are prevalent in online shopping. Because of this, people are more cautious when they buy things and provide their personal details online. You have to gain their trust to compel them to buy from you. Compared to stores with a physical location, customers can’t easily reach you when they have complaints if you did not provide a phone number or an email address on your site. They also need to be certain that your store will still be in operation after they have paid their orders. If you can’t establish your trustworthiness, people will not buy from you regardless if you the best products and prices.

Ensure that you have incorporated the following on your website and they are placed in obvious locations for the convenience of the customers.

An About Us page. Consumers want to know about your story. Create a good About Us page by telling people of your background, what made you build your store, and add at least your first name to add a personal touch.

Testimonials and product reviews from customers. People would like to know what buyers say about the products they bought from you. They’d want to read testimonials and product reviews to help them assess if you’re legitimate and if you can provide value for their money with your products, shipping, and customer service. Here’s how Pure Cycles present the number of reviews they got for a product. You can read the reviews at the bottom of the page when you visit the product page.


Press coverages. This is not common to drop shippers but if you are lucky enough to get them, proudly present them on your website. People are more likely to trust brands that have been featured positively by the press. This is how Pure Cycles’ Press Coverage page looks like.


Business phone number and/or email address. One way to build consumer trust is to provide a phone number and/or email address that they can contact when they have product questions or concerns. These are usually placed at the bottom of the web pages as Rusty Surfboards did.


Guarantee that payment information is safe. Ensure customers that their payment information is safe by acquiring an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate ensures the security of your dropshipping website from various forms of threats. Customers will know if your website is secured if your website address starts with https:// instead of http://. They can also know your website’s SSL certificate details by clicking the lock icon in the address bar.


Issue #3: Inadequate product descriptions.

You should have good product descriptions to go with your high-quality product photos. You’ll lose a customer if your copy is weak or bad.

Write descriptions in such a way that the customer will feel like he’s holding the product. Your copy must be free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It should also describe the product’s characteristics and benefits adequately like this sample from Taylor Stitch.


Physiq Apparel’s short product description describing the material, style, and advantages of a product can work too.

Read this post to learn how to write product descriptions that sell.


Issue #4: Complex checkout process

Customers will abandon their carts if the checkout process is complex and the payment option is limited. To do that, simplify your check out process and offer them several ways to pay for their orders.

Break your checkout process into two to three small steps. It would be easier for customers to follow three small steps than one lengthy step.

Provide checkout as a guest. Give customers the option to sign up for an account or to purchase as a guest. This way you’ll not put off those who only want to buy your products without signing up.


Offer multiple payment options. PayPal may be widely used in online shopping but not all 100% of online shoppers use it. If you only have a single payment gateway in your store, you are missing out on the opportunity to get a sale from non-PayPal users. Ensure that you have more flexibility for your customers so they will not abandon their carts to look for other stores that can accept their preferred payment methods. Here are the payment options being offered by ToyShades®.


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David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of www.www.productmafia.com the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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