4 Strategies in Choosing the Best Dropshipping Products

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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What are the bestselling dropshipping products? This is a question that all drop shippers, beginners or not, often ask themselves. Unfortunately, the answer is not something that can just be handed out to you out of the blue. Every business has to keep a secret to enable them to have an edge over their competition. It can be a secret ingredient in their dishes, the type of processing that a product undergoes, a reliable supplier, and so on. These are trade secrets that they will not reveal to anyone because these are things that they worked hard to acquire to be successful.

Dropshipping is a highly competitive business. Competitions from all parts of the world are popping up every day as this kind of business model will take less time and less money to set-up than non-dropshipping stores. The convenience of not owning the product inventory, allows you to change the products that you carry in your store anytime you want. As you will be selling items that many dropshipping stores also sell, you’ll need to plan and strategize on how you can be more effective in acquiring customers for your store. Having the necessary dropshipping skills will give you an edge over other dropshippers who have no clue on how to approach dropshipping the right way.

Choosing the best dropshipping products is important for your dropshipping business. You need to research to come up with ideas that might be a hit to your target consumers. The research will take more of your time but it is a step that you should do if you want to be among those dropshippers who have found success in dropshipping. Learn how to be successful with dropshipping through research and make sure that you have done this part before you start designing your store.


Why choose dropshipping products first before building your website?

Buiding your dropshipping business is also building your brand. To create a good impression to your potential customers, you need to gain their trust. One way to do that is to create a professional-looking website that represents your brand and complements with the products that you sell. You also have to choose the colors that you use on your website carefully to get the right reaction from your customers. If you already picked the dropshipping products that you want to carry in your store, you’d be able to design the latter to present the products in the most appealing way possible. You can find tips on building a professional-looking website in this post and applying color psychology to the designs here.

How to choose dropshipping products to sell?

Here at Product Mafia, we curate winning dropshipping products that are updated every day. You can access this information with either a free or pro subscription. With a pro subscription, you can get the targeting, the ads, product links, store selling it, engagements, product videos, and the rest of the data that can help you decide the products to sell. It does not only reduce the amount of time you’ll likely spend in doing research, but it will also help you to create strategies on selling them. Our FAQ page has more information on this.

With so many product options available, you may not find it easy to choose the best dropshipping products. Use this guide to help you determine which products to go for.


Popular products with more competition.

If you choose popular products, this means you’ll have to battle it out with many dropshippers offering the same products. They’re easy to sell because people are interested in them yet, making them pick you over other dropshippers carrying the same items is hard. However, if you can make these products unique to your store in some way and can plan strategies on how to sell them more effectively than your competitors then, go for them. Some popular products are tees, stuffed toys, and jewelry.

Less popular products with less competition.

This type of products targets niche consumers. If you want to focus on selling to a specific niche, pick great products that consumers in this niche want. As these don’t apply to all types of consumers, they are less popular yet can be profitable with a specific group of people. Diving equipment, paintball guns, and bulletproof vests are just a few examples of niche products.

Products you have experience in.

You’ll have a competitive advantage over competitors when you have experience and knowledge about the products you’re selling. You can create content that will be useful for your customers because you can explain how the product is used and what are its various features. Your experience in using this kind of products will help you sell better. Do you love gardening? Then sell gardening-related products. Are you a photographer by profession? Selling various camera models and accessories would be a good niche for you.

Products that can be sold with the right profit margin.

Generating profits is your main purpose why you want to put up a dropshipping business in the first place.  So make sure that you select dropshipping products that can give you nice profits after all the costs have been deducted. Products that can give you a 30 percent or higher profit margin would be ideal when you go for this option.

Key Takeaway

Finding the best dropshipping products to sell is something that you have to do yourself. As dropshippers are always on the lookout for winning products to carry on their stores, you must find a way to get your hands on them first. Research is the key to finding promising products yet it will take more time if you do it manually. By using services like those offered by Product Mafia that will get you access to product information the soonest time possible, you’d be able to eliminate several steps in the research process. That way, you can focus on the most important stage, and that’s choosing the best dropshipping products from the winning products available to you and sell them before other dropshippers do.

Trixia Barrientos

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