5 Steps to Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Dropshipping Business

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of www.www.productmafia.com the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Social media is important for your dropshipping business but not all platforms can help you achieve your goals.


Social media marketing when executed properly, can boost search rankings, drive more traffic, and increase conversions in your site. However, you can’t jump on just any social media channels without first understanding what you hope to gain in using it. With plenty of options to choose from, you can get overwhelmed if you don’t define your goals and your audience beforehand, and assess the suitability of each social media platform.

It’s very difficult to be active on all channels all the time as each platform has its characteristics and policies that you have to be familiar with to gain favorable results. You need to pick a channel so you can focus your efforts on it, else you will just be wasting time and money in managing multiple accounts that cannot help you achieve your goals.



So which social media platform is right for your business and marketing efforts?

Below, I have outlined a simple step-by-step guide you can follow to analyze social media platforms and the most vital factors to consider to make the best decision.


#1 Define the objectives of your social media strategy.

You have to explain why a specific channel will help you reach your goals and how are you going to use it to get your desired results. If you can’t do it, then you’ll be better off not adopting it at all. The right social channel should support the attainment of your strategic goals not work against them.

Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Pick a well-established platform with an enormous following. You want lots of people to know about your brand and your dropshipping products thus, you have to avoid new or niche social platforms. As you need to intensify your marketing strategy with advertisements, choose a channel with advertising options like Facebook and Instagram. These are four of the most popular advertising channels you can look into.

Do you want to enhance lead generation? You can join groups to participate in discussions related to your niche on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You can also search with advanced filters or run a lead generation campaign on Facebook and Twitter for a limited time.


#2 Identify the channels being used by your target audience.

Once you have aligned your goals with your preferred social media channel, the next step would be to learn where your audience is actively participating online. Is your biggest customer segment women who are 60 years old above? Then don’t create a Snapchat account because it is more popular on teens, not older women. If you’re selling dropshipping products exclusively for men, avoid Pinterest because it is mostly used by women. Don’t make the mistake of being on every channel. You also have to know how your target audience utilizes a particular social platform so you can have an understanding if you should participate in it or not.


#3 Consider the social media platforms your competitors are using.

By taking into account the social media channels being used by your competitors, you can have a baseline in which to analyze industry activity. Do they post regularly? What content do they serve their fans? How do they fare when it comes to engagement? Using these valuable insights gathered from researching your competitors, you can replicate them in your business to ensure the success of your marketing strategy.


#4 Decide the kind of content you want to create.

There is a variety of content formats you can explore. Some of them will complement your business goals and some won’t. What content can you produce for your brand? How does it help in building your brand? Does it add value to your customers? By answering these questions you can be able to determine which platforms to go for and what to avoid.

Consider also that certain formats work best to specific channels than others. For example, if you can’t regularly create a video, don’t create a YouTube account. If you want to post whitepapers then don’t use Instagram. Create content based on your industry, niche, brand, and target audience. Content types to consider include:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Testimonials
  • Podcasts
  • User-Generated content
  • Ebooks
  • Livestreams and webinars
  • Whitepapers


By identifying the content formats you want to emphasize in your social media strategy, it would be easier for you to decide on which social platform to choose. You can refer to this infographic by Angie Gensler to see which content formats would do well in certain channels.


#5 Determine the number of social media channels you can manage.

According to the Pew Research Center, 91% of retail brands have two or more social media channels. When dropshipping products, striking the perfect balance can be tricky. If you have too few social channels, your reach and visibility might suffer. Meanwhile having too many might cause the inability to maintain consistency in your content and posting schedule, thereby diluting the impact of your marketing efforts as a result.

If you decide to have more than one social media account, a social media scheduling tool can help you save time and maximize resources. It would also be wiser to create a social media account one at a time, not at once. This way you can be more focused on growing one account first and mastering its features. Once you are gaining decent results from it, then you can shift your energy into another social channel.


Final Thoughts

Social media is a powerful tool to grow your business. It helps you build brand awareness, acquire new leads, generate more traffic to your website, and get to know your customers better. The key to selecting the right social media platform for your dropshipping business is to determine the goals that you want to achieve, the channels where your audience is already active, and the platform that fits the content formats you create.

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of www.www.productmafia.com the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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