5 Ways to Develop a Brand Logo FOR THE Company in only Minutes

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional
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If you need your business to achieve success, you’ll have to absorb your brand strategy.

No matter what size your organization is, branding creates trust.

A strong brand creates instant recognition available on the market, especially amongst your visitors.

The bigger you build your brand, the simpler it is to generate better opportunities for the business.

Your goal with branding ought to be to build loyalty and share your customer’s values. Do that right, and both your visitors as well as your competitors will remember you.

If you’re yet to define and build your brand, this guide can show you where you can start.

One the simplest way to leave a confident and lasting (visual) imprint of one’s brand would be to develop a unique brand logo.

Getting your brand logo professionally designed could be expensive.

Look at 99Designs research. They discovered that a professionally-designed logo will set you back from $100 around $2500+, with the product quality varying based on the actual cost.

company logo options

That sounds pricey, right?

You could go on it upon you to ultimately design your logo from scratch. Investing a while in learning how exactly to graphical design.

I might even show you how to locate some free fonts you can use.

Or, I possibly could show you how exactly to design a brandname logo for the company with reduced effort on your own part.

You see, gone will be the days whenever your only choice was to obtain a graphic designer to generate your logo. They often was included with a hefty price.

Now, you may use online resources to create and create your own brand logo free of charge.

And it is possible to literally take action within minutes.

Some of the companies will permit you to download your logo without needing to invest hardly any money.

In this short article, I’ll walk you through five methods to develop a free brand logo for the company in only minutes.

1. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design can be an online software which allows you to develop a brand logo of your and incorporate it into your organization.

You can perform this in several easy steps:

  • Select a preexisting logo template.
  • Use the editor to go and scale your text or image.
  • Download your logo.
  • Display your logo everywhere.

First of most, you’ll have to go directly to the homepage and enter your organization name, as shown.

free company logo company name

You should notice right from the start that Free COMPANY LOGO offers you four design options as you type.

These images are too generic. You’ll wish to be more specific.

So, select a category from the drop-down menu and click “Start.”

For the “new” Kissmetrics brand logo, I’ll pick “Business & Consulting.”

free company logo business and consulting

Once you’ve clicked “Start,” it’ll enable you to get to the look page in which a pop-up platform will display auto-generated logo templates from existing images.

You’ll see some containing your company’s name.

In the “Business & Consulting” category, the program generated 90 designs, with no more than 15 per page.

business and consulting logos

For the next phase, go through all the designs and discover a logo that you imagine will:

  • Visually look good
  • Define your brand
  • Be a remembered by your customers
  • Fit your brand strategy

Once content with your decision, choose the desired logo and click “Add.”

logo selection on free company logo

From there, it will require one to the logo editor where you might notice that the written text and graphics are overlapping or jumbled up.

Each section of the graphic can be an individual element, however the text grouped as you.

developing a kissmetrics logo

This can be your default logo.

You could leave it since it is but, to be honest, it won’t look great.

In this case, I’d prefer to move the written text beneath the graphic and center it.

Select the written text and drag it into position.

developing a kissmetrics logo move here

Once the written text is aligned and looks pleasing to the attention, I’ll select all elements and move back again to the biggest market of the screen.

To achieve this, click and drag the cursor on the elements you would like to move.

free kissmetrics highlighted logo

This creates a range box of most elements that you could move (or rotate if required). A properties box that presents each element individually may also appear.

kissmetrics logo free design tools

If you have to edit these elements, that you can do so beneath the “Actions” toolbar.

An element’s colors could be edited, moved, flipped and rotated.

You may also edit the colour, alignment/curve and font design of the written text if you’re nearly pleased with it.

edit logo creation tools

Or you can include a supplementary logo, icon, shape or even more text, from your options on the proper.

Add a supplementary element or edit logo color if required.

add new elements to logo

Sometimes you may get stuck tweaking your design, potentially all night.

For the “new” Kissmetrics brand logo, the target is to develop a completed company logo in only a couple of minutes.

And that’s all that’s needed. Since it is, I’m pleased with the look.

Now, with the look complete, it’s time and energy to download your brand-new brand logo. It is simple to do that by clicking “Save,” at the top-right corner of the screen.

save your valuable design logo creation

Free COMPANY LOGO will then ready your logo for download. Once ready, it’ll provide you with the following options:

download logo free company logo

Click “Download” and enter your name and email.

send logo to email

The finished logo will now be delivered to you, cost-free.

Although the free PNG file is of a low-resolution, it’s perfect for website use and email signatures.

Even the high-resolution download is fairly priced. Currently, at $39, this consists of a PDF, EPS, and vector SVG file.

This is really a steal compared to the costs I mentioned earlier for a specialist design, and it’s very cost-effective for a bootstrapping business startup.

Whether you’re a bootstrapping startup or not, realizing your brand’s importance can play a significant role in your business’s success.

By equipping your organization with a fresh brand logo, you’ll be one step nearer to achieving this success.

2. Logomakr

Another free resource with a hands-on approach is Logomakr.

With Logomakr, it is possible to instantly create a brand logo for the company.

Most of the free online logo makers use similar concepts when making and editing. They use existing templates on a user-friendly design platform.

To create your design with Logomakr:

Go with their homepage, and it’ll greet you having an instructional video. This can quickly tell you the simple procedure for utilizing their platform to create a logo.


It also presents you with the next design advice to take into account:

  1. Make your logo clean and simple.
  2. Make sure your logo is 100% original.
  3. Make sure you’re in a position to copyright your personal logo.
  4. Make sure the logo fits the design of your industry.
  5. Make sure your final logo images come in vector format.

With your concept at heart, you’ll have to select a graphic for the logo.

Next, search the 1,000,000+ graphics in Logomakr’s database, utilizing the search bar at the very top left of one’s screen.

For my design, I’ll search “kiss.”

enter search word for graphic logomakr

The database should then offer you a huge selection of free-use images to select from (for that one search word).

Scroll through the outcomes and choose the image you’d prefer to use.

logo icon selection

You’ll then go back to the editing page, where you’ve multiple options to edit your design.

You can truly add text, shapes, paint, scale, move or change the colour of one’s graphic.

select color on logo lips

For this example, I’ll scale up the graphic to be larger. This way, it’ll stick out more.

drag to resize logo

Next, you’ll have to add your organization name. Utilizing the “add text” function, I’ll add “kissmetrics.”

Once you’ve added the written text, you’ll notice two drop-down menus near the top of the screen.

One is for the font category and another is for the font style.

font category font family logo creation

Select the font style or category that you imagine will have the very best visual effect on your design.

font selection archivo black

You can experiment with the written text and the scales of sun and rain (text, image or shapes) so that they sit proportionate to one another.

Once you’re satisfied, think about the colors you’ll used in the ultimate design and how that fits in with the entire color scheme of one’s branding strategy.

At Kissmetrics, I’m partial to the colour blue.

You can transform the colour in three simple actions:

  1. Select sun and rain you intend to change.
  2. Click on “Change Color” in the various tools section.
  3. Pick the colour you need in the top-right corner.

selecting elements in blue company logo creation

Once done, you’re prepared to save and download a copy. Do that by simply clicking “Save Logo” at the very top right corner of one’s screen.

click to save lots of logo

This will enable you to get to your final group of options, based on the usage of the logo.

To choose the free version, you’ll have to download and present credit to Logomakr.

Same applies to sharing the image on social media, that you can share instantly utilizing the social media share buttons available.

You may also go through the link that says, “Paste This Code” to automatically copy the code. Then, just paste it into your website’s backend.

For this design, I’ll select “Download And CONSENT TO Give Credit.”

download logo options through logomakr

Again, to download a higher-res image compared to the one provided free of charge, you’ll have to pay reduced. In this instance, it’s $19.

With the high-res image, you’ll have the ability to utilize it on banners, company clothing and for printing purposes.

Copy the logo’s reference right into a text document and save to be able to return to the look at a later stage.

If you’ve followed the easy steps above you need to now have a free of charge brand logo which you can use as much times as you prefer.

You can perform all that in under five minutes, too.

3. Canva

Next one of many software that provides free downloads is Canva.

If you’re unfamiliar with Canva, it’s a straightforward design software that is very popular with graphic artists, bloggers, and infographic creators.

Its popularity is because of its simplistic drag-and-drop design tools and an enormous assortment of photos, graphics, and fonts.

With the easy-to-use platform, it is possible to create your brand logo in five simple actions:

create logo in five steps in canva

Go to Canva’s Online Logo Maker and create a merchant account.

Once you’re done, go through the “Start Designing A Custom Logo.”

canva company logo 2018

The very first thing you’ll wish to accomplish is change the name of one’s logo design near the top of the screen.

change name of company logo canva

Next, select “Elements” from the toolbar and choose a category. Because of this design, I’ll use a graphic from “Icons.”

canva select element category

A library of multiple icons will appear. Scroll through them and soon you find a graphic you may use. Then, select it.

Some elements have the term “free” beside them. They are free-use graphics which you can use in your company logo.

free logo graphic selection canva

Now you have the primary graphic for the logo, choose the element and change the colour.

Remember: continue to keep your branding theme at heart. So, once more, I’ll use blue.

changing color in canva logo creation

Next, you’ll desire to add your organization name by selecting the “Text” tool from the toolbar. Much like “Elements,” you’ve got a library of templates to pick from.

Scroll to look for a text that may fit your brand, remember the “free-use” templates.

Find your preferred and select it. I’ll use “Blue Wood.”

blue wood canva

You’ll observe that the written text will focus on the surface of the logo element. Select it and drag it to where you need it.

click to drag to go canva

Move both text and element so they align with the biggest market of the look template.

Once satisfied it’s time and energy to edit the written text.

Click on and choose the tiny text above “Blue Wood.” Delete this text.

select and delete canva blue wood

Click on and choose the written text “Blue Wood” and replace it together with your company name, “kissmetrics.”

Next, edit the colour and size of the written text by selecting the written text and utilizing the text toolbar near the top of your screen.

You likewise have the option to improve the font style utilizing the drop-down menu.

kissmetrics canva logo creation editing

Your logo should now prepare yourself to download. Click on the “Download” button at the very top right of the screen.

canva click to download logo

You’ll get different file types to choose for download.

The file types available are JPG, PNG, PDF standard and PDF print. For the Kissmetrics logo, I’ll choose PDF standard.

download logo file type

Once downloaded, you’ll have the ability to view your brand-new brand logo in a PDF reader.

final canva logo creation

Canva doesn’t yet support, exporting logos in a vector format.

They suggest, for higher-res graphics, you need to make your logo as large as you possibly can and download the PDF print version.

Also, with a PNG file, you’ll have the ability to add your logo to your site.

Another quick, simple and free solution to develop a brand logo for the company.

4. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings is really a software which allows one to use their platform to create and develop a logo free of charge.

To begin your design, head to their logo design page and enter your organization name.

graphicspring enter your organization name

Next, add a graphic from the database by selecting “Choose Your Graphic” from the medial side toolbar, left of the screen.

A sub-search bar will pop-up under your last selection, with a summary of categories underneath.

graphicspring pick the category

If you understand the graphic you’d prefer to add, enter it in to the search bar.

GraphicSprings have included an “Internet” category, that is quite fitting, so I’ll use that.

Click the category you need and a database containing stock images/graphics can look.

(Similar to the previous software).

Can you spot a standard theme yet?

This simple concept works across each platform, eliminating the necessity to “reinvent the wheel.”

Search through the outcomes, as soon as you see a graphic that you’d prefer to use, select it.

logo selection on graphicsprings

By selecting the graphic, the program should instantly create your design and take one to the editing page. Once you’re there, it’ll prompt one to choose the elements for editing.

select elements for logo editing

Click on the written text to edit it. It’ll enable you to change the font style, size, and format. You may also then add cool effects like stroke, shadow, or glow.

For simplicity, I’ll leave it since it is.

editing tools in graphicsprings

The choices for editing may also be basic. You have the opportunity to change the colour and then add effects.

Canva will break the graphic into varying elements (much like Free COMPANY LOGO), so that you can edit each piece individually.

I’ll stick to the colour theme of blue, but I’ll keep carefully the two-tone effect.

Next, select each element and change the colors accordingly.

add effect change color logo creation in graphic spring

Once the editing is complete and you’re content with the look, click “Download Your Logo” in the bottom right of the editing page.

click to download logo graphicspring

It will need one to the payment page where one can choose the high-resolution image from only $19.99.

To access the vector files having the ability to edit once you purchase it, you’ll have to pay for the typical package, which costs $39.99.

With this program, you’ll be capable of make aftermarket changes to your logo once you please.

5. Designimo

Designimo also takes a payment after the design is complete, nevertheless, you can use the look tools free of charge to generate the graphic for the logo.

They previously offered a low-res download free, however they now produce high-res images only.

Designimo is really a company logo software much like Free COMPANY LOGO and GraphicSprings.

Similar to just how that you enter the name of one’s company in to the search bar and choose a category that suits your industry.

It’ll then auto-generate multiple graphics utilizing a huge database of existing designs.

Again, the amount of editing is fairly basic, however the results are just as good.

It also follows the easy process that Free COMPANY LOGO uses:

  • Select
  • Edit
  • Download
  • Display

For an instant video tutorial to assist you utilize the platform, check out how it operates here.

To make sure your design goes as smooth as you possibly can, I’ll walk you through the procedure below.

First, visit the homepage and enter your organization name.

enter company name in designimo

Then, decide on a category from the drop-down menu, which ranges from “Alphabetic Text” to “Travel & Hotel.”

For this example, I’ll utilize the category “Alphabetic Text.”

select business category in designimo

Designimo offers you numerous individual designs under each category.

While another categories use existing graphics comprised of symbols, the “Alphabetic Text” generates logos in the form of the letter selected (hence the name).

It also files them alphabetically.

For the Kissmetrics logo, I’ll choose the letter “K,” and feel the results. Each letter has multiple pages of designs, so navigate through them.

choose the letter you need in designimo

Once you’ve found one you’d prefer to proceed with, simply choose the graphic.

select graphic in designimo

You’ll then land on the editing page, built with basic design and editing tools. Utilizing the tools available, it is possible to:

  • Increase/decrease element size
  • Rotate graphics left/right
  • Flip vertical/horizontal
  • Change text size and font style to suit
  • Apply opacity to a component (i.e., make see-through)
  • Easily move elements by clicking and dragging

diy company logo maker tool

For this alphabetical logo, I’ll be considered a little creative and utilize the symbol shaped as “K” and utilize it to start the business name, “Kissmetrics.”

By deleting the “k” from the written text, I will have a totally different and unique looking logo.

unique looking logo in designimo

Edit the written text size or font style, if required.

The default font is OK, so I’ll leave it since it is.

Next, change the colors to fit your theme.

select element and change color in logo creation

If you’re pleased with the design, your brand-new brand logo should now prepare yourself to download. Select “Download Now” or “Save For Future” (if you’d prefer to keep coming back and focus on it).

logo prepared to download

To download your image, first, you’ll have to register your details and join a merchant account.

develop a new account in designimo

You’ll then be taken to an order confirmation page, to verify and check out checkout.

checkout in designimo

Pay and download.

The cost for a high-res image, including PNG, JPG and EPS Vector files, is $29.95.

Although not free, the brand logo it is possible to create and download by using this software is really a high-quality graphic at a comparatively good deal.


When it involves starting a fresh business, the amount of tasks on your own to-do-list combined with the costs of setting everything up could be overwhelming.

From the original set-up and registration to branding.

Yes, it could be challenging.

But developing a brand logo for the company doesn’t need to be.

Branding ought to be the core of one’s company’s online marketing strategy.

Your brand should tell a story.

And section of that story can be your logo.

You’ve established, that having a clean and simple logo your visitors will remember is vital.

Being a specialist in graphical design or outsourcing to a freelancer or professional agency was after the norm.

But now, the web is filled with innovative people who have new ideas and free software that will help new businesses reduce their startup costs.

With these platforms incorporating simple and user-friendly tools, it’s possible, as I’ve just demonstrated, to produce a free brand logo for the company in minutes.

These platforms may also be made to stop you from becoming paralyzed by design.

Previously, you might have been up forever studying “how-to-design” videos on YouTube.

Now you don’t need to.

These platforms do the majority of the designing for you personally and, and they’ll even offer you some quick tutorials. All that you need to bring to the table may be beneficial and a watch for a visually-pleasing design.

With your brand’s color and theme at heart, select the software easiest for you personally.

If you follow the step-by-step processes mentioned previously, you ought to have an excellent brand logo which you can use for the business.

At least now you’ll have one less startup task to cope with.

In terms of user-friendliness, design results, or cost, which software can you recommend?

About the writer: Neil Patel may be the cofounder of Neil Patel Digital.

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional

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