6 Common Mistakes Dropshippers Make

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of www.www.productmafia.com the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Dropshipping might be fast to set up but will take time to get right. Mistakes will certainly happen along the way. There are many aspects to the dropshipping business that you must pay attention to ensure that everything will work efficiently. From product selection, website design down to customer service, you have to plan them out carefully to avoid mistakes during execution. Don’t just focus on getting customers because dropshipping is not a quick get-rich scheme like so-called gurus claim.

In this article, I will discuss these 6 common mistakes drop shippers make.

  • Selling trademarked dropshipping products
  • Poor customer service
  • No SEO-friendly product descriptions
  • Not optimized website design
  • Dropshipping worldwide as a newbie
  • Lack of social media presence

You might already be guilty of committing any of these mistakes in your dropshipping business so better pay attention for you to resolve them soon. Now let’s get down to the details.


Selling trademarked dropshipping products

I can’t blame you if you tried dropshipping products that have been trademarked like Pokemon, Nintendo, Apple, and so on. They’re a lot cheaper to source from China suppliers after all. However, these are not genuine products and if they are, the trademark brand owner must authorize you to sell their products in your store. If you persist in selling trademarked products, expect to get sued anytime now. You can find more info about dropshipping trademarked products in this article.

Poor customer service

Customers expect that you have someone to assist them with their questions and concerns. As they expect to receive their purchased products as soon as possible they will keep on emailing you to get an update of their packages. If you don’t attend to them within 24 hours, you’ll likely get emails in succession and if you have social media pages for your dropshipping, they will also post there to get their attention. Bear in mind that once they get to your social media, these unhappy customers can influence potential customers to avoid buying from you. When that happens, no damage control measures can save your business from falling.

To prevent unhappy customers from killing your business, ensure that you have a great customer service in place. If you don’t have the time to provide the support needed by the customers in relations to their purchases, outsource the customer service task. This way, there will be someone who has the knowledge and experience in dealing with various customer concerns to provide timely assistance. It would also help to add value for your dropshipping business that will make customers feel satisfied with doing business with you.


No SEO-friendly product descriptions

When you are selling products, expect that the customers have little to zero knowledge about them. You have to let them know what the product is for and how it will help make life easy for them. They must understand the benefits of owning such items to convince them to buy. If you don’t create product descriptions that give consumers the information they needed then you will miss on the opportunity to make a sale. Optimizing keywords for SEO on the other hand, will boost your website ranking and give your products a good chance of showing up on the first few pages of Google when people search using those keywords. SEO is one effective strategy to boost the exposure of your dropshipping business to internet users. It is free and can last for months depending on the optimization level and your content quality. This post can give you tips on how to create SEO-friendly product descriptions that sell.

Not optimized website design

Although building a website is already doable with various eCommerce platforms, you must optimize website design to increase conversion. Consumers expect that you have a website that is easy to navigate and can adapt well to whatever device they use to access it. They also want to browse around before deciding which product to purchase therefore they would be clicking pages to know more about your products and your business. If you fall short to their expectation they would leave your site to go to other stores. Something that you would n’t want to happen because getting traffic to your website is already hard and you’d want to take every opportunity that would make them convert before leaving your site. To increase your conversion rate, make sure that you aim for a professional-looking website using colors that stimulate the right emotions from your website visitors for them to become your customers.


Dropshipping worldwide as a newbie

Dropshipping enables you to sell products to anywhere in the world. However, as a beginner, it will not be wise to take that option while you are learning your way around dropshipping. You are only exposing yourself to more risks and problems with a worldwide target. It would be ideal to start dropshipping in your country first to see how it works. If things turned out great for you then you can scale your store to offer worldwide dropshipping. This way you’ll be experienced enough on how to deal with the issues that you’re going to face at the international level. Learn what to expect when dropshipping products worldwide here.

Lack of social media presence

More and more people are turning to social media to look for the products they want to buy. As a drop shipper who wants to get more traffic to your store that you can convert to customers, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of selling to users on the major social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. These type of consumers are nurtured on your social media pages and will only proceed to your website with the right content. Never underestimate the importance of social media in the success of your dropshipping business. Build a social media presence by posting engaging content that consumers crave. This article discusses more the benefits of social media presence for your business.


Key Takeaway

Don’t make unrealistic expectations for your business especially when you haven’t paid that much attention to other aspects other than acquiring customers. Dropshipping products can be profitable but it takes time, effort, and money to reach that level. Make sure that you don’t incur any of the common mistakes that drop shippers make or if you already did, find ways to resolve it as soon as possible. Mistakes happen and you have to accept the consequences.  Learn from them so you will get better in running your business. The lesser mistakes you make the higher the probability of success.

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of www.www.productmafia.com the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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