6 methods to find B2B research survey respondents

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional
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The pain of finding B2B survey and user research respondents is real. Listed below are 6 solutions including free and paid services.

Finding relevant survey respondents for general market trends projects could be hard and the price could be eye watering too, especially if you’re in an expert B2B niche or you will need senior respondents.

We all understand that among the hardest elements of doing any B2B research is frequently something is undervalued- “getting respondents” and much more importantly “obtaining the right respondents”. So you’re owning a survey and it’s pretty niche, say you’re searching for B2B respondents purely for research instead of to generate leads – where can you start? Where can you actually choose respondents? We’ve scoured the net and also given a few of these a try, for the 6 methods to find B2B survey respondents.

Option 1: Google Consumer Surveys

It may be branded “consumer surveys” however they have plenty of B2B publishers too. You may use segmentation and the tool will see marketers, SMB owners, freelancers etc. It’s also a self-service platform sufficient reason for low costs (from just 10¢ a reply). Google Consumer Surveys hosts all the questions, it’s extremely hard merely to send them a survey link. It’s an excellent tool to use if you’re searching for survey responses.

You can’t utilize the tool to recruit for other styles of research. However, you may use the tool to perform B2B surveys.

Google Consumer Surveys on website


You could try Survey Monkey, which works in an exceedingly similar way.

Option: 2 Cint

Cint is pretty great. It’s a self-serve tool which has revolutionised “survey sampling”. They don’t own an individual panel, they partner with panels and sites which have big, engaged mailing lists to send your surveys to those users. You’ll have to host the survey and it’ll have to be on a platform that may use custom redirects (such as for example Polldaddy). Prices be determined by incidence rate and amount of the survey. You cannot utilize this tool to recruit for external research though.

Cint Panel Book august 2016

Option: 3 Specialist panels

There are indeed specialist B2B panels, naturally incentives and for that reason prices are greater than consumer panels. For example Atomik research and SSI which both have specialist B2B panels. These panels may be used to recruit B2B demographics for internet surveys and other forms of online investigation including user testing.

SSI B2B panel services

Option: 4 Recruiters

If you’re owning a focus group, even an online focus group or wish to accomplish telephone interviews instead of internet surveys, agencies like Saros, Rocket research and PeopleForResearch will get appropriate participants for you personally, prices be determined by the amount of participants, generally you’d have to pay incentives which typically have to be greater than consumer. You can find agencies which will help one to produce focus group discussion guides and telephone interview questions, plus it is possible to outsource moderation and interviewing too. Recruiters can recruit for online and offline studies.

Option 5: Your personal email list

You could always utilize your own mailing lists using freemium customer survey tools, nonetheless it might be worth taking into consideration panels if you’re seeking to top up the numbers. Be sure you do not fatigue respondents with long surveys, this affects data quality and when you’re making use of your own list they could begin to think differently about your organization if you’re sending long surveys or plenty of surveys. Sometimes the safer option and with regard to fresh eyes and another perspective, it’s far better use external tools and agencies, but if you are stuck for budget it’s worth a chance.

Option 6: Your personal website 

You may use intercepts on your own site to recruit people for studies, keep these things complete a survey or collect some quick instant feedback.

Instant feedback polls like Hotjar will help you get fast, cheap and cheerful insights.

Hotjar website intercept

Survey intercepts have fairly low conversions but many websites still use survey intercepts to obtain survey respondents. Simply show users a web link to a survey and explain what the survey is approximately along with (importantly) just how long the survey will need. Many user testing surveys request users opinion if they are going to leave the website.

You may use intercepts to recruit for user testing, tools like Ethnio are ideal for this.

What if you’re seeking to use surveys for to generate leads from marketers?

In this case, consider partnering around? If you’re involved with promoting marketing services or marketing technology to decision makers we are able to deliver leads and create excellent quality research reports and infographics which will engage B2B audiences. We collect the info that excellent reports that inform and spread the term about your brand – see all Smart Insights Content Partnership Advertising options.

Which is the greatest approach?

It depends upon your research, there are several projects you can run directly together with your email lists, such as for example client satisfaction or persona research but surveys and methods which tend to be more suitable for using specialist recruiters or research panels.

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional

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