6 Reasons Why People Fail At Dropshipping

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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To increase the chance of your dropshipping business surviving this 2020, you need to know why many people fail at dropshipping.


Some people claim that they’re earning tens of thousands with dropshipping yet, some say that it is a scam. If you’re thinking of dropshipping you might want to learn why people fail at dropshipping. By doing so, you’ll know what things you should avoid doing to increase your chance of winning this dropshipping game. Are you ready to find out? Read on!


Reason #1: They don’t pay more attention to their customers.

The customers are always first and foremost in any type of business, including dropshipping. You should provide great customer service to keep your customers happy so they will spread good words about your store. Because if you neglect this aspect of your dropshipping business, unhappy customers will post bad reviews on review sites, forums, and social media that will discourage people from buying from you. I suggest that you read our articles about adding value in your dropshipping business and how to prevent common dropshipping issues for useful tips.


Reason #2: They failed to put the effort into their dropshipping stores.

Dropshipping is a very competitive industry. If you don’t put any effort into making your brand unique and more appealing, shoppers will not notice you. Don’t make the mistake of building a website and importing products without making improvements to the product descriptions and images before advertising. You’ll just be like everyone else who sell the same products and use the same information and suppliers.



To be more unique, create your images and videos using samples of your dropshipping products, not just take the photos and videos that your suppliers have. If this is not financially feasible for you, there are a lot of ways you can come up with better images. Read this article to learn more.

Another thing to do is to rewrite the supplier’s default product descriptions to make yours more engaging and useful to your potential customers. You can learn how to create product descriptions that sell here.


Reason #3: They didn’t research about risky products to avoid dropshipping.

Picking the right dropshipping products is very important when dropshipping. When you don’t learn about illegal or prohibited products to sell, you’ll likely get sued and penalized for it. To prevent legal and financial troubles in the future, make sure that you check out this article.



Reason #4: They choose a dropshipping niche that they’re not interested in.

One big reason that people failed in dropshipping is picking a niche just because they can earn from it. They did not consider the time and work that they’ll have to put into their business before they can see success. It might take a while before you can see promising results. It will be very hard for you to stay motivated in a niche that does not interest you at all.

There’s also difficulty in communicating with your customers when you are not familiar with the niche you picked. How can you provide expert tips when you don’t know anything yourself? To learn how to choose the right dropshipping niche, I suggest that you read this article. Picking a niche before looking for products have advantages that you wouldn’t want to ignore, you might be helpful to check out this other article as well. To know the most promising niches this 2020, you can click here.


Reason #5: They failed to correctly do product research and testing.

When nobody wants to buy your products, you’ll fail. There are two reasons for this to happen. One, the product is not good for dropshipping. You have to conduct thorough research to find dropshipping products with winning potentials. If you don’t do this aspect in your business, you’ll end up selling something people already have or don’t want to buy. When you’re pressed for time, you can use Product Mafia’s service to cut down product research time and get all the essential data you’ll need to sell products. You can learn more about it here.



The second reason that some dropshippers fail is they haven’t tested products before advertising it fully. It hardly happens that the first product will be a hit when you’re not an experienced advertiser. The truth is, it will take more tests before you can find a winning product. This is why many beginners fail at dropshipping. They overestimate their capabilities and have unrealistic expectations. Failure becomes more damaging to them psychologically which is probably why some say that dropshipping a scam. They tend to blame dropshipping than admitting that they failed in finding the right product.

To know how to choose the best dropshipping products, take points from this article. Once you found an interesting product, make sure to quickly test it to know if it has winning potential before you launch a full ad campaign.


Reason #6: They didn’t pick the right dropshipping suppliers to partner with.

Most dropshipping beginners choose their suppliers based on price. They thought that suppliers with the lowest price can make them earn more. And this is where they fail at dropshipping. By not knowing first how reliable the supplier is, you’re putting a serious risk in your business.

The supplier may not be able to keep up with the increasing orders in your dropshipping store, resulting in delayed shipping. They may not respond to your messages about the status of the packages they shipped to the customers and you’ll not be able to update the customers about them. Your customers might file chargebacks with their credit card issuer to recover the amount they paid to you because they’re afraid that you’re scamming them of their money.

I suggest that you read this article to know how to choose the right suppliers and negotiate with them.


Key Takeaway

Dropshipping can be profitable when done properly. Some people fail at dropshipping for rushing out things without studying them carefully. Make use of the solutions provided in this article to help you escape the pitfalls that other dropshippers make and be on your way to a thriving dropshipping business.

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