6 Reasons Your Dropshipping Business Should Aim for Instagram Traffic

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of www.www.productmafia.com the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Instagram offers many advantages that dropshipping businesses should not ignore.


Many small eCommerce businesses, both dropshipping or not include Instagram as a traffic source for their websites. Instagram has a huge and diverse audience of 1 billion monthly active users that actively engage with brands. With 80% of Instagram users following at least one brand on the platform and 60% using it to discover new products or services, you cannot afford to miss the potentials that Instagram can offer your dropshipping business.

Instagram users are using the platform to look for products and services and at least 30% of them have bought the products they found on it. No other social media channel engages audiences and captivates attention span like Instagram.  Compared to other social networks including Facebook, 2.2% of brand followers engaged on its Instagram page than its other social pages.



Need more reasons why your dropshipping business should source traffic from Instagram? Here are six of the most important ones.


#1 Visual content is easier to remember than other content formats.

Instagram is a photo-centric social media platform that makes it effective in delivering content that users can remember easily. Posts on Instagram are solely composed of photos and videos. Some posts contain text while some don’t have it because it is not mandatory on Instagram. By posting your content on this channel, people can remember your brand better and are more likely to engage with them. These bring them closer to purchasing from you.


#2 An Instagram marketing campaign can run for free.

Unlike Facebook where you need to pay for ads for your marketing campaign to reach your target audience, Instagram lets you run one without paying anything. You do have the option to boost your post for a fee or advertise to the platform using your Facebook Ads Manager. Yet, this is not mandatory in running a marketing campaign.

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#3 Most advanced advertising targeting options similar to Facebook.

If you’re already using Facebook Ads you know how sophisticated the advertising capabilities in Facebook can be. With Facebook now owning Instagram, the ability to target a specific audience by age, interests, location, and behavior is also available on Instagram. You can do cold targeting and retargeting on the platform as you do on Facebook.


#4 Ability to track leads and sales to see returns.

Since the same Ads Manager is being used for both Facebook and Instagram, you’ll have the same tracking features. An Instagram business account will give you access to different features to help promote your dropshipping business like a call-to-action button in your page and account insights.


#5 A huge audience is active on Instagram at least once a day.

Instagram has an unreached customer base in which around 30% are actively buying through brand profiles and ads. With 50% of Instagram users actively visiting business profiles every day, your brand should be present there to gain potential customers.


#6 Organic followers to drive to your website without paying for ads.

Instagram has all the paid advertising features of Facebook but it has organic functionality that the social giant doesn’t have. You can build fans and followers on Instagram that can stay loyal to your brand without the help of ads. These are people who follow your page because they love your content and would recommend you to other people for free. As long as you continue to serve them the kind of content that they like, you can count on them to interact with your posts continuously. Not only that, they would happily buy your dropshipping products without you spending dollars to advertise.

Considering all these advantages of using Instagram to drive traffic towards your website, it wouldn’t be wise to leave this channel unexplored. As you aim to generate more traffic to your dropshipping store that you can convert into customers, it’s time to go full steam into Instagram. To ensure that you’re targeting the right audience that will be interested in your products, you need to choose a niche.


How do you choose a niche for your dropshipping Instagram account?

If you are running a niche store, you just use the same niche in your Instagram account. However, if you have a general store or still in the process of choosing a niche for your dropshipping business, you have to carefully think about the niche to monetize on. Building an account takes time thus you have to make sure that your Instagram niche corresponds to your dropshipping niche so you will not waste time and energy.



Should you build a personal profile or a business profile?

A dropshipping business should have a business profile, not a personal one. As you are on Instagram to promote your brand, you’re aiming to be discovered by as many people as you can. Therefore you need all the capabilities that Instagram offers to expand your reach and boost engagement which you can only access through a business profile. If you already have a personal profile created for your brand with a decent number of followers you should switch to a business profile to have all these functionalities:

  • Swipe-up link in Instagram Stories

This functionality is available to business profiles with more than 10k followers. You can add the link of your landing page, the home page, blog, or other social media pages in your Instagram Stories to direct traffic to any of these pages.

  • Ability to boost Instagram posts

This feature is exclusive to business accounts only. So if you’re planning to intensify your marketing efforts on Instagram, create a business profile for your brand.

  • Access to Instagram Analytics

You can have insights into your audience within the Instagram app without the need for third-party software. This enables you to optimize your content to gain optimal engagement from your audience.

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Final Thoughts

Instagram has many benefits to offer your dropshipping business. It has the same targeting capabilities as Facebook but with a more engaged audience. Running a marketing campaign on Instagram can be done without spending anything yet there are options to boost it for best results. Choose a specific niche for your Instagram account that corresponds to your dropshipping niche to target the right audience.

Building an Instagram following takes time but the perks of using the platform such as free marketing and organic way of driving traffic to your website will keep you earning profits without paying for ads. So if you’re not yet focusing your energy on Instagram, better do it now so you’ll gain the advantages that the platform provides in growing and sustaining your dropshipping business.

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of www.www.productmafia.com the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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