6 Ways to Boost Your Sales During the Coronavirus Crisis

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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Is the Coronavirus pandemic affecting the sales of your dropshipping business?


The Coronavirus crisis might have hampered the operation of brick and mortar retail businesses but it offered online businesses more potential to generate sales. As people are staying within the comfort of their homes, they are relying more on online stores for their necessities. Essentials like groceries, toiletries, and household staples are just some of the products with rising demand from online shoppers right now. So if you’re dropshipping essential products these days, you’ll likely benefit from the current trend in online shopping. 


While brick and mortar stores have to close down temporarily due to Coronavirus, dropshipping businesses don’t have to. Dropshippers are seeing increased sales as people are stuck at home browsing Facebook (where dropshippers advertise). With deliveries working as normal, dropshipping stores have the advantage of generating more sales at these times. 

If you’re experiencing a drop in conversions in your dropshipping business lately, don’t panic. Dropshipping is not dying. You just need to make some adjustments in your store to adapt to the current trend to make your sales go up again. Read this article to know the benefits of actively dropshipping these days.



Why dropship products at these times? 


Regardless if you’re dropshipping from domestic or overseas dropshipping suppliers, packages can still get delivered to places with the implemented lockdown. Mails and packages are considered essential thus delivery will continue even in the coronavirus-ridden places. Delays are expected but understandable these days so no need to concern yourself about long shipping times when dropshipping from AliExpress. 


People have needs and if you can address them with your products, you’re likely to get lots of sales despite the dropshipping challenges the pandemic brings. This post has tips on how to overcome these challenges. After you have tried them, here are other things you can do while waiting for the pandemic to subside.


#1 Dropship only essential products


If you’re currently selling dropshipping products that are non-essentials, don’t expect to see huge sales coming in. Don’t make the mistake of advertising products that no one would buy these days because it’s just a waste of money. Instead, opt for products in any of these niches that are in demand right now. Subscribing to Product Mafia can help you find the best products to sell on these niches these days. 


#2 Research top Shopify stores’ best practices


You now have more time to focus on improving your store. By making necessary enhancements in your site right now, you’re getting ready to receive profitable traffic after the pandemic crisis. Check out top Shopify stores for ideas that you can replicate in your dropshipping store. Aim to gain the characteristics that top Shopify stores have to have an edge over your competitors. Check out this article to learn what qualities to aim for.



#3 Grow your Instagram account


Instagram is a great source for free traffic that you can convert to customers. Rather than intensifying Facebook ads at these times, focus on organic traffic sources from Instagram. With people getting confined at their homes to avoid contracting Coronavirus, they’re even more active on social media right now. By posting relevant content on your Instagram page, you can build awareness for your brand and attract new followers. It will take time before you can get results from Instagram so you better start now. Get points on growing your page from this post.


#4 Enrich your dropshipping knowledge


If you are new to dropshipping, enrich your knowledge and skills by learning new things from free resources. Take advantage of free content you can find online including:

  • Dropshipping Guides
  • Dropshipping Blogs
  • Dropshipping Forum or Community
  • Dropshipping YouTube Channels
  • Free Dropshipping Courses
  • Other Dropshipping Stores


#5 Establish other sources for free traffic


Building sources for free traffic take much time but the result will keep you generating revenue in months or years to come. This article offers various ways of establishing free traffic sources for your dropshipping business and this other article provides free marketing methods you can explore in these critical times.


#6 Minimize ad spend with free video ads


Running Facebook ads requires more budget than before. Cut down expenses by creating free video ads to sell your dropshipping products using these methods. By utilizing free video ad makers listed on this post, you can save money with subscription and buying software upfront to make videos.


Final Thoughts


Dropshipping in the Coronavirus era is very advantageous for dropshippers. There are several ways you can do to increase your sales so try them out. Keep on learning new things to polish your skills and be open to exploring new social media channels to reach more of your target audiences. You have all the advantages to get profitable right now so better act on it!

Trixia Barrientos

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