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David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional
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Interview: Assaf Eisenstein, Founder of Lusha

At Smart Insights we’re always searching for new tools that assist marketers enhance their business leads and sales. With many tools out their to greatly help with outreach, we’re attracted to Lusha, a fresh tool that not merely helps enhance the outreach process but enriches your CRM and Salesforce leads, and will be integrated with a variety of other tools including MailChimp, Hubspot, and Intercom.

We spoke to the Founder of the business, Assaf, for more information:

1. What inspired one to create Lusha?

We reside in a world that’s data rich but information poor. As the web and all of the social networks within it giving us countless methods to discover things and connect to people, professional’s tend to be stuck with regards to having access immediately to the info that counts when it matters. The pace of business gets faster and our ambition was to make a platform that could help business professionals for connecting instantly – with usage of personalized contact information such as for example contact number and email. In only over per year since launching Lusha, our user base is continuing to grow organically to over ninety thousand professionals who depend on Lusha’s data as their go-to resource to obtain the very best contact details for the business enterprise prospects.

2. Do you know the core features that differentiate your service from your competition?

There are two main items that set Lusha apart.

  • Firstly, the standard of our data that is paired with sophisticated algorithms to make sure we supply the best & most accurate information for the users in order to connect to any business prospect or lead immediately.
  • Secondly, our product was design with simplicity at its heart. It’s completely intuitive and anyone may use it immediately without explanations, tutorials, or guides. There aren’t any complex features or modules within Lusha, removing any barriers – so users can instantly contact any relevant business lead and obtain the utmost value from our technology immediately.


3. What different applications or marketing activities do your visitors utilize the tool for?

There are endless methods to use Lusha but sales and marketing professionals are our biggest fans. Any professional in the fields of sales and business development knows the time-consuming procedure for finding contact details for interesting business leads. We’re completely eliminating this annoying ‘research’ step of the procedure, helping people manage their time effectively and connect to other professionals efficiently. Many marketers also use Lusha for connecting with journalists, influencers and industry colleagues. Finally, the platform can be hugely popular among HR professionals that require for connecting with potential candidates.


4. What’s the technology behind your computer data?

While the merchandise is simple from the user perspective, the technology behind Lusha’s effectiveness is ambitious and complex. As a data company, the largest challenge would be to join the dots between vast amounts of data points to make sure users obtain the most accurate information. Making sense of all contact information from multiple sources and databases to make sure it’s accurately assigned to the proper professional requires complex technology and algorithms that sit at the core of the merchandise.

5. Do you know the biggest challenges for sales and marketing professionals?

While most businesspeople would concur that time is money, sales and marketing professionals are particularly conscious about constantly finding new methods to enhance their teams’ productivity and ROI. As outbound-facing disciplines, connecting with new customers, leads, agencies, journalist or partners is really a big section of every marketer or salesperson’s job. A lot of this connections or transactions require a personalized human touch and sometimes the simplest way to cut through has been a direct telephone call at the proper time. Lusha offers also email details, yet quite a few users discover the access to telephone numbers incredibly beneficial to connect directly with prospects. Essentially, we’re helping people save time by removing all of the hoops they previously had to jump to access the proper people without barriers.

6. Just how do the various pricing tiers of Lusha work?

We wished to make Lusha accessible to any business, regardless of what size or small. That is why our pricing is founded on usage. The platform is absolve to use and comes packed with 5 credits monthly. Each credit provides one contact’s phones numbers and email addresses. We’ve monthly and annual plans starting at $99 monthly, but our hottest package is our premium plan which costs $199 monthly.

If you need to discover more about Lusha, how it operates and how it could integrate together with your existing martech – contact them on twitter with the handle @LushaData or visit their website – Lusha.co.

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional

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