Are you currently a T-Shaped Marketer?

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional
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5 Reasons to take into account a life as a T-Shaped Marketer

There has been much talk within digital marketing of the need for Marketers to broaden their skill-sets also to embrace and learn the wide selection of digital channels (40 in this count) to attain and build relationships your audience.

The approach of creating a selection of marketing skills is called T-Shaped Marketing. T-Shaped Marketing identifies: a Marketer which has broad knowledge covering an array of digital tactics with in-depth knowledge in 1 or possibly 2 specific areas.

This diagram from Moz shows the principle with a concentrate on SEO within digital marketing tactics.


This diagram from Search Engine Watch also explains the principle, here with the concentrate on Content Marketing and in addition including a concentrate on analytics plus some traditional marketing activities (Press and PR).

T shaped marketer

Discussion of T-Shaped Marketing

The diagrams tell the story well, but if you want to read more, both of these recent example posts have really nailed the significance of T-Shaped Marketing and both included some very nice infographics to create this definition alive.

  • Example 1 – I first found this phrase from the great post by Mike Tekula of Distilled entitled: Building a T-Shaped INTERNET MARKETING Skill Set. Mike went into detail on the growing need for SEO as a internet marketing function and the way the breadth of SEO now encompasses so many specific functions to aid in developing a successful plan and team.
  • Example 2 – Rand Fishkin of Moz continued this type of thought and the growing need for having a T-Shaped Marketing skillset has within, along with highlighting the breadth of skills included in a Marketer.

The Complex Digital Marketing Landscape

If we have a look at the wide variety of digital tactics which may be deployed by an organisation, I had an instant browse of the Econsultancy UK Statistics for July 2013 which weighs about 865 pages (UK edition!), covering off the most recent trends and market insights for the topic regions of digital advertising, internet affiliate marketing, analytics, blogging, search, content marketing, video, audio, mobile, apps e-mail marketing, search engine marketing and social media. Which just mentions the generic subject matter!

So can someone really embrace this type of wide variety of topics with the required knowledge for the organization whilst simultaneously, developing in-depth knowledge in perhaps a couple of key areas? Clearly not, but by understanding who your audience is, where they connect to your service or product does supply you with a grounding on which regions of digital tactics you can turn to develop your skills.

Go work with a Start-up?

In a previous post, I mention the importance of doing work for start-ups in my own private journey in developing my digital marketing skills.

What a start-up environment gives you will be the tools and creativity to use new things out and develop new ways of create new revenue streams for the organisation.

You’ll end up in leading line – getting the hands dirty in managing and developing a joint venture partner program whilst simultaneously, budgeting for a PPC campaign and helping out your buyers in creating optimised product descriptions for the website and creating dashboards within Google analytics to monitor and measure performance.

You’ll develop skills in start-ups that you’ll never learn studying for 4 years to perform an MBA – this is actually the real life and you can find few hiding places. The start-up organization ought to be on your own career path at some stage in the event that you truly want to become T-Shaped Marketer

5 Reasons to take into account a life as a T-shaped Marketer

  • 1. Organisational Integration – As digital marketing matures being an industry, Marketers are realizing the significance and value in integrating their digital channels together from focusing on how their audience interacts making use of their brand through search or social media channels to the role attribution plays in generating revenue. From the recent survey by Econsultancy, nearly 90% of respondents describe integration as ‘necessary and inevitable’.

    A T-Shaped Marketer supplies the vision and knowledge to an organisation in understanding a variety of digital channels through the integration for the organisation to help make the right decisions.

  • 2. Know your audience – In accordance with Decibel Insight – 15% of site owners base decisions on gut feeling instead of analytics – the role of analytics is now a lot more important within digital organizations to base decisions on influencing strategy. therefore acquiring a broad skill-set embracing digital tactics can be ever more vital that you organizations
  • 3. Technical/Marketing – No more should there be considered a silo of the technical and marketing departments in a organization. The significance of technical how exactly to implement changes to a website/mobile that embraces the necessity to connect to your customer and help out with a search strategy ought to be intertwined with each other’s objectives.Likewise, it’s incorrect to believe an electronic Marketer doesn’t need to comprehend the technical know-how of how exactly to create an HTML page – it’s essential in the wonderful world of digital
  • 4. Digital knowledge – Among the key attributes of a T-Shaped Marketer may be the wealth and breadth of knowledge over the digital tactics – in addition, it provides an component of creativity in bringing this expertise to a siloed team in a organisation e.g. Bringing search engine marketing knowledge to your team of developers or analytics insights inside your sector to talk about this knowledge to Directors of an organisation.
  • 5. Think and become a start-up – You should put yourself in the mindset that it is a never-ending learning journey keeping in mind yourself up-to-date with the most recent digital trends and tactics which you can use within the context of one’s organization or industry sector. Remember you’ll find nothing wrong with being truly a jack of most trades as this brilliant article explains on how best to Be considered a Jack of most Trades explains, especially in the digital world.
David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional

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