Best Apps to Create Video Ads for Dropshippers

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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In a dropshipping business, you are always vying for customer attention with tons of drop shippers out there. You have to catch their interest to convince them to check out your products. This is not an easy feat, I know because the competition is very tough. You’ll have to be always on the lookout for the coolest product to sell, keep excellent customer service, and be on trend with your marketing strategies.

Merely having the great products to sell and the best customer service will not drive crazy traffic to your website, you need to advertise to the people you want to sell to if you want to generate sales. As more and more consumers are turning to videos when shopping for products and services, it would be to your advantage to include video ads in your marketing strategies.

Video ads work best when you want to transmit tons of information to your audience in the shortest time possible. It is also the cheapest means of cross-screen marketing as it can reach consumers on whatever “screens” they’re using: TV, computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. Not only that, video ads are easily shared, increases webpage traffic, and boosts the websites search engine ranking.

How do you create video ads without spending much?

Video ad creation nowadays is not as costly and as complex a couple of decades ago. Many companies are now offering video ad creators with features that can enable drop shippers to create their videos in 3 – 5 minutes and share it on social media. With these apps, there’s no need to hire a production team, designers, graphic artists and use complex video editing software that will cost you a fortune. You just subscribe to the app provider of your choosing – and voila! You can start creating video ads for your dropshipping business.

What are the best apps for creating video ads for drop shippers?

Here are my top picks for video maker apps this 2019.


Top 3: Swish

Swish Screenshots


With this app, you can easily make a video in 3 minutes or less. It offers endless combinations of custom-built templates, color schemes, stock selections, and music to help you create an elegant and professional video minus the agony and costly video-making expenses. Using Swish only takes  5 steps:

Step 1 – Pick your preferred template.

Step 2 – Choose your video clip from your file or the app library.

Step 3 – Create a message with the correct spelling.

Step 4 – Pick the fonts, colors, and video length that you want.

Step 5 – Post the video on your social media pages.


Top 2: Biteable

Biteable Screenshot


This ad maker offers a wide selection of video templates that you can use depending on what your goals are in posting the video. For drop shippers, templates like Ads, Business, Explainer, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Marketing, Promo, Holiday & Event would be very beneficial in marketing products. With Biteable, you can make a video ad in a snap.

First, you open Biteable in your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Second, choose the video ad template that you like. Third, log in to your Biteable account. The fourth step would be to personalize your template with photos, videos, and text. Lastly, embed your video ad to your website or share it on social media.

Biteable lets you create your first video for free when you signup on its website.


Top 1: Clipman

Clipman Screenshot


Clipman templates are inspired by the best ads ever used in eCommerce. These are known to be massive hits that generated millions of dollars to their owners. Like the two previously discussed video-making apps, you can create a video ad in 5 steps.

  1. Choose a template that matches your product.
  2. Upload images and select the background music.
  3. Add the titles, product prices, and calls-to-action.
  4. Create your video.
  5. Publish to Facebook if you want to run a Facebook Ad or share on social.

This video maker app offers some advantages not found on other apps.

  • Clipman can turn an ordinary product page into a video ad with high conversion in a minute. This will be great if you want to highlight a product in your store. All you have to do is get the product URL and hit a button to make a video ad in seconds.
  • You can choose among the 40+ templates that are professionally tested to comply with the specifications of the most successful eCommerce campaigns today. Whatever dropshipping products you sell, the ads are guaranteed to work.
  • It enables you to split test each campaign you are running for one product and save on testing cost.
  • You can publish directly to Facebook with Clipman. This cuts out time in navigating Facebook’s Ad Manager without sacrificing the video ad results.
  • Clipman provider offers an unlimited 7-day trial for free.

The latest video marketing statistics said it all. Video ads are essential to any business including dropshipping. To be successful as a drop shipper, you must keep yourself updated with the latest trend in technology and marketing. Employing the best apps to create video ads is one strategy you cannot do without. Of course, if you’re running video ads, make sure that you have optimized landing pages to convert leads to customers.

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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