Best Dropshipping Suppliers of American-Made Products

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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Dropshipping American-made products can increase value and revenue in your dropshipping business.


Most dropshipping businesses use the money-making formula of finding cheap products from AliExpress suppliers and selling them for huge profits to customers in Australasia, Europe, and the US. Although this still works today, differentiating one’s business from other dropshippers is getting harder. To get a competitive edge, some dropshipping business owners look for US-based suppliers and manufacturers.

It’s no surprise that this strategy of scaling a business by dropshipping American-made products is getting popular nowadays. With the US to start setting its own postal rates to China mails and packages in July this year, shipping rates from China to the US are expected to go up. Although the expected increase will not affect dropshipping products from China that much, finding US suppliers offer advantages that dropshippers want to have.

One of the advantages of working with US-based dropshipping suppliers and manufacturers is the extreme reduction of the shipping time if you’re customer base is in America. The long shipping time is a common issue that dropshippers face when sourcing from China. However, there are ways to improve AliExpress shipping time that makes it still an advantageous option for dropshipping. If you want to explore a partnership with US suppliers, I suggest that you read this article to learn other benefits of dropshipping products from the US and how to find them.



Who are the top US-based dropshipping suppliers of American-made products?

To make sure that you’ll only get authentic American-made products, here is a list of US dropshipping suppliers and manufacturers that you can look into.

eSutra: Offers a dropship program.

FootwearUS: Offers blind dropshipping to customers worldwide.

FragranceNet: The dropshipping program includes international shipping.

Hot Stuff Dropship: Ships to domestic US only.

I&I Sports Supply Company: Dropships within the US only.

Koehler Home Décor: Worldwide dropshipping is offered.

Nearly Natural: International shipping is available in Dropship Program.

Parkflyers RC: Dropships to US and Canada only.

Pet Stores USA: US distributor that dropships worldwide.

Roma: With worldwide presence that enables them to dropship to any location.

Sammy Dresses: Offers worldwide delivery with your information in the package.

Sparkle in Pink: Dropships to US only.

Sunrise Wholesale: Dropshipping company that offers worldwide dropshipping of top brands.

UjENA: Offers international shipping in its dropship program.

Whitney Brothers: Dropships worldwide.


Final Words

Now that you know which US dropshipping suppliers are selling American-made products, the decision to work with them is all up to you. Working with US-based dropshipping suppliers and China-based suppliers have pros and cons. Yet, you don’t have to pick one or the other because you can work with both US and Chinese dropshipping suppliers at the same time. This way you can assess which partnership works best for you and which is generating the most revenue.

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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