Common Facebook Ad Mistakes Dropshipping Advertisers Make

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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Facebook is one of the most effective methods of advertising but it is the most challenging of them all too.


Facebook is very profitable for businesses to market their products on and drive traffic to their site. However, it is harder to set up correctly to yield the desired results than Instagram, Pinterest, and other channels with advertising capabilities. It will take time to master for a newbie advertiser and committing costly mistakes is imminent.

All dropshippers commit Facebook ad mistakes in the early stages of advertising their business. It’s the learning curve that everyone has to go through to be better advertisers. Although making mistakes is common in dropshipping, having the knowledge of what to expect and what measures to do can help turn the events in your favor.

If you’re already running Facebook ads but not gaining any results, you might end up dropping your campaigns totally due to frustration or lack of funds to sustain advertisement. Yet, ultimately removing Facebook ads from your list of advertising options will not be smart. You would lose a lot of opportunities for your dropshipping business if you do. The best thing to do would be to learn from your mistakes, adjust your strategies, and try using Facebook ads again.

Yet, if you haven’t started advertising on Facebook at this time, learning the common Facebook ad mistakes dropshippers make will save you money and time on running ads where you will not see returns.



What common mistakes should you avoid when creating Facebook ads?

Facebook ad mistakes are time wasters and budget drainers. To start earning money rather than wasting it, here are common Facebook ad mistakes to avoid.


#1: Poor Audience Targeting

Targeting audiences that are too narrow, too broad, or simply wrong for your dropshipping business is one of the biggest mistakes in advertising. Facebook has built-in targeting options that will help you reach the right type of audience. These include existing contact, life events, purchasing behavior, layered targeting based on demographics, behaviors, and location as well as similar or lookalike audiences. To ensure that you’re targeting the right audience, you can refer to this article.

Meanwhile, to assess whether your audience size is not too broad or too narrow, check out your potential reach on Facebook. An ad that is set to reach at least hundreds of thousands of users is not realistic. There won’t be that many people out there that would readily grab your offer. You can narrow down the size of your audience by adding interests or demographics. Don’t reduce them too much that Facebook will not be able to deliver your ad at all due to a too-small audience.


#2 Ads Fail to Draw Attention

If your ad image and headline are not striking enough, many people will likely skip your ad. To avoid this mistake, use bright colors to increase viewability. The image should match the offer and devoid of confusing elements. Here’s how to create the best product images.


#3 Dull Headlines

People will first look at your ad image before they read your headline. This is why these two are critical to your ads as they catch attention and hook people so they will check out your offer. If your headline fails to catch attention, likely, people will no longer read the ad copy. To prevent this from happening, these are things you can do to write better headlines:


#4: Not Excluding Those Who Have Converted

This happens too often with Facebook ads and it can affect your advertising budget and the customer experience. As your ads are no longer relevant to past converters, you will just be wasting ad budget on them. These might also annoy these people if they keep seeing your ads after already buying your dropshipping products. To avoid advertising to those who have converted, create new Custom Audiences of people who have visited your Thank You page and use the “Exclude” feature when creating an ad campaign.


#5 Sending People to the Wrong Page

When people clicked to your website they are interested in checking out your offer. If you land them on your homepage, they will not know what to do and they might just leave your website without doing anything. Using your product page as the landing page, on the other hand, will give visitors the chance to find out more about your product and convert if they’re convinced by what they saw on your page. If you need more info on why you have to direct traffic to your product page rather than your homepage, visit this post.



Facebook ads can produce amazing results when done right and can grow your dropshipping business quickly. Avoid these common Facebook ad mistakes so you will not waste time and money. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your ad campaigns because success in digital advertising is all about learning.

Trixia Barrientos

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