Dave Chaffey on how best to use personas for Digital Marketing

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional
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Dave Chaffey talks with Grant LeBoff about how exactly to correctly use Marketing Personas

Personas certainly are a term that you often hear marketers discussing, but don’t always completely understand. In this video, Dave Chaffey, our CEO and  writer of Digital Marketing, explains to Grant Leboff what personas are and how they could be useful if they have the facts had a need to show customer journey maps and content needs.

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Grant Leboff: Dave, among the things that I believe people hear about in marketing and do not always completely know very well what they’re and how useful they may be, is this notion of ‘personas’. You may explain a little more about that for all of us.

Dave Chaffey: Yeah, for certain, personas, I’m a large fan of these, but they’re not without their problems unless you have them right. I first found out about them dealing with HSBC over a decade ago, plus they weren’t really used at that stage. Where I believe they’re most readily useful is they enable you to provide a customer-centric view of the web site. So instead of someone’s opinion concerning the content and the client journey, you’re putting them in the context of a genuine person. Around that point actually, 2005, I saw the exemplory case of Dulux the paint brand, and how they used them. They identified six different audiences, actually five of these were female, since they found through their research that that’s who offers an impression on paint.

What they might do for every of these personas is they’d consider how they consumed media online and offline, what type of sites they like, really getting of their mind, how they search. An excellent practice would be to have a primary persona where it’s, not most significant by volume, however the person who you most have to get it right for. With Dulux, their primary persona was Penny, and she wished to take action amazing, something creative with her flat, but she wasn’t sure the place to start. What Dulux did was then to take into account the client journey and this content that could support that.

I think in the event that you still visit the Dulux responsive site you will notice this message, “Be inspired,” which was a note for that persona to steer them through how they might take action amazing, also to encourage them to agree with the brand.

Grant Leboff: So for a small business that really wants to decrease this route of considering personas and needs to are more customer-centric by doing so, can you advice the very first thing to check out their customer database currently and begin to recognize those personas? How would they start the journey?

Dave Chaffey: That is right, you can try the client profiles you’ve collected and make an effort to group them. Usually we say around three to ten is representative, so in Smart Insight as our personas, we would have a size of a small business from small, medium, large, but we also layer on the roles. So one persona we’ve is for the digital marketing manager, a different one will be for a company owner who’s seeking to improve digital marketing within their agency and because of their clients. If you are at that stage of three to six, you should venture out and speak to people directly, we can not tell this through the analytics, it offers to become more personal. Which means that it’s not just a cheap activity to obtain right, however the depth of insight you obtain really permit you to develop more relevant content.

Grant Leboff: How are they utilized … You’re available, because you can see right now a team gets together, talks about the database, puts them, they’re six or seven personas together, just how do then they manifest themselves through the business enterprise in order that people begin to understand where that’s in the digital marketing team, the client service team…  How perhaps you have seen that done well?

Dave Chaffey: Right, okay. I’ve often seen it done badly where you have digital or web site design personas, however they haven’t mapped to segmentation or targeting elsewhere available. The very first thing is they have to be multi-channel personas over the board, and it’s just including them within the complete planning and campaign management process, when you’re kicking off a fresh campaign, you do focus on the business enterprise goals, nevertheless, you are the personas at an early on stage, and you also try to build this content to activate that audience also to develop the proper messaging for the various personas. That may then cascade in to the different channels. We will target this persona browsing marketing or social media, or emails. It’s creating a more personalized content for every of these personas, so performing a mapping activity really.

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional

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