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David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional
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Are you looking for a comprehensive comparison of Ecom Hunt Vs Dropship Spy? Look no further. I signed up to both, here is my comparison.

Product Research is vital for dropshippers, the entire business is built around having access to the in-demand products. For this reason, a few product-research services have popped up that offer to find you winning products for your dropshipping store. The two most popular being Ecomhunt and Dropship Spy. So let’s compare the two.


With product research tools, the important factor is not-so-much the price, but rather than return on investment (ROI). It is better to spend $500/month on product research that will make you $5million/month in sales. Rather than spending $5.00/month on product research and not making any sales at all.

But for what it’s worth, Ecomhunt and Dropship Spy are both the same price.

screenshot taken from:

screenshot taken from

I feel it’s worth mentioned that ecomhunt have had this ‘beta testers’ offer for at least 2 years now… not a great sign of an honest company if you ask me. That said, all companies nowadays seem to use deceptive urgency to boost sales, so I’ll let this one slide as it seems to be industry-standard.

Frequency of products

Ok, so you’re paying for a steady supply of winning products right? Just how many winning products do you actually get?

At the time of checking January 25th, ecomhunt are posting 2 products per day, around 6 days per week.

screenshot taken from January 25th, 2020

Likewise, product-spy seem to be posting 2 products per day, but 7 days per week.

Screenshot taken from on Janauary 25th, 2020

All-in-all the frequency and amount of products are about the same. Truth be told, for a budget service like these, for $20/month, 2 products per day isn’t bad. Imagine your local dollar store, introduced 2 new products per day (and ditched 2) that would probably be a decent turnover of new products, right?

The problem arises when you do not have a general store, but instead, have a niche dropshipping store, for example, in the children’s nice, pets or kitchen niche. Then, the two products per day will likely not be suitable for you, as you may be lucky to find just 1 new product per week in your niche!

For comparison, a more premium product research service Product Mafia provides 4 new products, 7 days per week.

screenshot taken from on 25th January, 2020

Quality of Products

The frequency of the products doesn’t really matter if they’re all shit products. It is better to have 1 great product with amazing potential, rather than 10 crap products that will never sell. So lets deep dive into the quality of these products.

In order to stay unbiased about the products selected, I simply looked at the latest two products posted for both services.

Product 1- Dropship Spy

The Product — Reusable Makeup Remove Pads

Reusable makeup remover pads. As a bloke, I find it hard to relate to this product, but I’m sure I have seen this product before already in my girlfriend/moms/side-chick’s make-up kit, so it’s hard to imagine this product killing it with online advertising…. but maybe I’m wrong. Let’s check it out:

The Instagram ad as provided by Dropship-Spy

Nah, only 13k views and almost no engagement. What the f*ck were they thinking here? Never mind, maybe this one is a fluke, let’s check out the next one.

Product 2- Dropship Spy

The Product — Invisable LIsting Bra

Ok, right off the bat, I know this product as pictured here will not be approved for either Google or Facebook ads… too much skin showing. Cool product though, I can see this doing well. Let’s see hows it’s doing on the ads:

The Instagram Ad as Provided by Dropship-Spy

Yeah, it’s killing it, 6.3 million views. The advertiser managed to make a video for this product without showing too much flesh, the comments on the ad are from buying countries, US, AU, exactly what you want to see.

Bravo for this one product spy.

Ecomhunt — product 1

The Product — Easy Crepe Maker

Kinda a nifty product, no doubt inspired from simply making pancakes on the back of your pan. But finding nifty products is only half the battle. The real question WILL IT SELL? Let’s take a look at how the Facebook ad for this product is doing?

The Facebook ad as provided by EcomHunt

Oh dear, 8.9k views.

It’s a nifty product, but no evidence at all that it works well for online advertising. If you cannot sell it online it is kinda useless for dropshippers. Again, maybe it’s just another fluke, lets see if Ecomhunt can redeem itself with product number 2.

Product 2 — Ecomhunt

The Product — Bus Storage Bin

This, in my opinion is the opposite of a winning product. I have already bought this same product locally for my kid. I already know it exists, and can be bought anywhere. This has no business being on a dropshipping store.

But I have been wrong in the past, so let’s see how it is doing on the Facebook ads….

The Facebook ad as provided by EcomHunt

Not even 100k views, and people in the comments, as expected, already know the product exists on eBay.

The Product Quality Summary

Dropship Spy — ⭐⭐⭐☆☆
3/5 stars. Out of the 2 products I checked, 1 was actually a winning product |

Ecomhunt — ⭐☆☆☆☆
1/5 stars. Out of the 2 products I checked, both were sh*t. They get 1 star because the pancake maker is kinda nifty, because I havn’t seen it before.

With both of these services, it seems you will need to filter through the sh*t products in order to actually find the real winning products on the website for yourself. If you need to do all this filtering for yourself, why use a product research service at all? Why not just do your own product research manually, seen as you are doing most the work anyway.

To compare these to a premium product research service like Product Mafia, you can see that 100% of the product posted are winning products, with the 2 latest products being at 430k views & 5.6million views respectively. Using a premium service like Product Mafia means that you do not need to filter through the tons of sh*t product in order to find the few products that are actually decent.

Winning Products Provided by Product Mafia


One major criticism of these product search services if that hundreds or even tousands dropshippers will all be trying to sell the same two product as soon as they are posted to the website. Making the products over-saturated as soon as they are posted.

Unfortunately, there is no way to check out many members each website has, but we can make some safe estimating by using Similarweb data, shows the amount of visitors each website gets. So lets take a look at which sites get the most visits.

Ecomhunt data for

Holy mackerels is popular!!!

In fact, it’s global rank is 65k, making it one of the top 1% most visited websites in the world!

I guess it is safe to see that every product posted on there is indeed already saturated.
Fuck me sideways.


similar web results for

Dropshipspy has considerabley less visitors than ecomhunt, with around 65k months visits. So it can be assumed that ecomhunt has around 10x more members (and 10x more saturation) than since they have around 10x the amount of visits.

Saturation is a real problem with these bargain basement product research service, everyone and their mother is signed up an all trying to sell the same stuff.

For a quick comparison, Product Mafia a premium service, and are more expensive ($49/month) therefore have far less members, and therefor far less saturation.

similar web data for Product Mafia

Product Mafia, for example, does not even have enough monthly visitors to show up in data (typically this means less than 30k monthly visits).

Customer Satisfaction

Which website has better customer satisfaction?


Trust Pilot Reviews for

Isn’t this just the wierdest thing? One of the top 1% most visited website in the world, and the only reviews I can find are paid affiliate articles.

Honestly, I am not sure what to make of this? I suppose the lack of negative reviews can be seen as a good thing, but the whole thing just seems bizare to me.

Dropship Spy

Trust pilot reviews for

This is more like I expected to see, and to be fair, ‘Average’ is a pretty decent review for an online business. People tend to be more inclined to leave negative reviews than good ones.

For a comparison, Product Mafia is rated ‘Excellent” (screenshot below) but for two services being compared here, at the value price of $20 per month, ‘average, is about the best you can hope for, you can’t seriously expect ‘Excellent’ service for $20 a month.

screenshot of Trustpilot reviews for

The Summary

There are much better options out there for achieving your business goals, but if you insist on using one of the bargain-basement services, for the winner is clear:

a snapshot comparison for Dropship Spy and Ecom Hunt
David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional

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