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    How’s it going? I have a quick question for you. Usually, on most of the product spy tools, you’re provided with the option where the product is linked to the source, meaning a link to aliexpress for that product is given. However, with PM I’m not able to find that feature. How can I find the supplier within AE for the products that I see on PM so I can do my own bit of research? Your help is much appreciated.\

    Many Thanks,

    Product MafiaProduct Mafia

    Hey x,

    Actually we do give the link to the supplier, we give links to ebay, amazon and aliexpress suppliers. Of course, we always recommend using Aliexpress for maximum profitability. You can find these links under the ‘links’ section.

    Thanks for reporting this, we will brainstorm how we can make this more obvious.

    Thank you for being a member 🙂


    Ahh… gotcha… thanks for pointing that out. Tbh, if you hadn’t pointed that out I would have had a tough time figuring it out.

    We’ve gotten so used to the internet etiquette that when we say links our minds usually look for words with a blue and/or bolded underline that stands out. Just behavior psych I guess.

    But thank you though for pointing that out. Truly appreciate.

    Now an additional question. How do you determine if a product is a winning product or has the potential to be one? Do you guys have your own research methods?

    The reason I ask is cause within ECOM HUNT, what they present as winning products or products with potential are just crap or duds and really has no potential.

    Those products are either on the verge of saturation or no one wants it or you’ll be the first one to market.

    So this makes me wonder if they are just willy nelly posting products without much research.

    I guess I’m just curious to know what sets you apart from determining whether a product is a winning one or not.

    Sorry for the long response.

    ~ J

    Product MafiaProduct Mafia

    Hey there,

    For the winning products, we go off the social proof. Generally, if an ad has a lot of views, that means a lot of money has been spent promoting the ad, if someone has spent a lot of money promoting the product it must be profitable and popular, we also check the ad is still trending UP, (rather than all the views being from 5 months ago, and not many new views since, for example). There is also a few extra checks that we do before uploading it to the site, like are the profit margins good,?can we find reliable suppliers for it? do the amount of likes/comments/shares on the ads back up the number of views it has (an ad with lots of views but not many likes/shares is unlikely to make it only our platform) etc.

    For the ‘untapped’ product, these are products that:
    1) are already very popular on aliexpress
    2) still trending UP
    3) we have not yet seen a Facebook ad for it yet
    4) a product that we think (based on our years of experience in the industry) will do well when dropshipped and advertised on Facebook.

    If it does not meet the above 4 criteria then it cannot become a winning product.

    We’re aware of Ecomhunt, and yes your right, they do upload terrible products. Actually now we upload all of ecomhunt products also, so you can compare their products to our products. Although ecomhunt is a cheaper service, $20 a month, we’re much better value because we actually upload decent products and not just random crap. Check out this comparison:

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