i paid 2 times and it still a free membership

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    hello as a new memeber i paid 1$ for the first month but the paiment was for two times and it stil free member ship
    refund 1$ for me and give me 1 month pro member ship that i paid -_-


    i paid 3 times and not 2

    David LinderDavid Linder

    Hey Djawedzem,

    The $1 first month trial is only once per person, tracked by PayPal account if you try to sign up again for the $1 it will cancel your account. The first-month trial is only intended to be a trail, for members to try the account before they pay, it is not a loophole for people not to pay the $49/month charge.

    Please stop signing up for the $1 trial, you had it already, and you cancelled it yourself you don’t get to take the trail again.

    Our free membership is also very good and there is no charges required, may I recommend this?


    Are you kidding me it was notre m’y faut jour web asked me toi pay many times
    Pour free membre ship is good too sersiouly, sorry but this is notre professionnel bro
    Your web site take 3€ from me and i Am not kind of personne who accepte that si u have two options
    Refund 3 € to m’y PayPal
    Refund 2 € and give me m’y 1 month trial.
    That if you are lind of web sites who respect them self and peopol

    David LinderDavid Linder

    Hey Djawadzem,

    Sorry about that it seems there is some kind of error randomly cancelling peoples account, our developers are looking into it.

    In the meantime, I have reactivated your PRO membership while we fix it.

    I’ll keep you updated


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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