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    David LinderDavid Linder


    Actually, the PRO plan is working great for us, from a business standpoint, if we were to change the price, it would only be to increase the price, not decrease, to avoid having too many members.

    Too many members would make every product we post over-saturated the moment it is posted like is already the case for some of the “other tools” you are referring to. I totally understand your point about the pricing though, we have members leave us all the time to go to Ecom Hunt at $20 per month, but they almost always come back after a few months. It sucks that they leave us in the first place, but when it comes to finding winning products, we go for quality, rather than providing a dirt-cheap service where everyone and their mom is signed up, we find that this strategy always works best in the long run.

    With each price increase, we are always looking to improve the service. We have plans to introduce custom product descriptions, and custom done-for-you product videos, as well as a few other tools I can’t talk about just yet, so it’s not just an increase in price without any increase in member-benefits 😉

    Thanks for the tips regarding super-affiliates, I will look into JV Zoo, I’m also going to be at Affiliate World Asia next month looking for some tips on breaking into the affiliate world 🙂 The trouble I have right now, is the $1 first month trial, it is great for the clients, it allows members to try the premium features for a whole month before committing to the full cost, but it is terrible for affiliates, because their commission on that first month is $0.50, so they have to wait an entire month with no earning, before they get any payback. Not many affiliates are willing to put in that much work without immediate/imminent payouts, there are only two affiliates right now that are actually actively sharing their affiliate links on a daily basis, but they both earn over $5k/month in affiliate commissions, so is hugely profitable for them, but the trouble I have is just convincing the affiliates to do the work, with no payouts for a full month first.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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