How Buying Facebook or Instagram Likes Impacts Your Dropshipping Business

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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Are you tempted to buy Facebook or Instagram likes to grow your social media pages? Before you go into artificially inflating your engagement numbers, step back for a moment to think of the reasons why you are contemplating this path for your dropshipping business. Are you aiming to attract real followers by buying fake followers? Do you want to increase the exposure of your posts by trying to outsmart the algorithm? Buying likes will get you thousands of followers in just minutes, yes, but is it worth your time and money? Let’s find out!


How do you buy Facebook or Instagram Likes?

You can simply do a Google search using keywords related to buying Facebook or Instagram likes. Here are the search results I got when I typed “buy facebook likes” in the search box.


And these are the websites that appeared when I searched for “buy instagram likes” on Google.


It’s so easy to find them, right? You can even get them for cheap. 1000 Facebook likes for $9.99 and 1000 Instagram likes for $11.99 are the cheapest prices I can find but there might be lower rates than those. By providing your credit card information to these websites, you can easily increase the number of your followers on Facebook or Instagram or both if you have the fund.


Where do purchased Facebook or Instagram likes come from?

Most of these websites claim that they are selling real and authentic page likes but you can’t be sure what they mean by “real”. Are they real Facebook or Instagram accounts or accounts using real people’s names? Regardless if they are real people, these are users who have no genuine interest in your dropshipping products. Their social media accounts are created to increase engagement numbers rapidly, not to buy anything from you.

Still interested in purchasing Facebook or Instagram likes? Read on then!


What happens when you buy Facebook or Instagram likes?

Of course, you will see a huge increase in the number of followers to your Facebook or Instagram page. It would seem to be a good move at first, but wait until you learn the consequences that may arise from buying fake likes!

The Facebook Consequences:

You will get a low EdgeRank.

EdgeRank is a Facebook algorithm that analyzes which posts go into Facebook users’ News Feeds based on engagement. With fake followers, you’ll have low to zero engagement which will make Facebook suspicious because you have thousands of followers but most of them are inactive or not engaging with your content. With less engagement, your posts are less likely to appear on the feeds of your followers including your genuine followers.

Your credibility will suffer.

Who will believe a page with thousands or millions of fans but only gets less than 5 likes on its latest post? Users are smarter nowadays and not easily swayed by a huge number of followers. Even if your fake followers do engage with your posts, it will still not do good for your business because they will never convert into customers.

Your page analysis will not be efficient.

Once you buy Facebook likes, you will screw up your analytics. Getting precious information like the age of your potential customers, their location, and so on will be next to impossible.

Running Facebook Ads will be wasted.

You cannot filter out fake followers from seeing your ads. No matter how many times you boost different posts, it will just be wasted money. Fake followers will never buy from you.

Removal of fake followers will be difficult.

It’s easy to buy Facebook followers but removing them will take much time. You’ll have to check each account individually to determine if it’s genuine or not. Of course, you also want to ensure that they are the right audience that your dropshipping business needs.


The Instagram Consequences:

You will turn off existing or potential customers.

If you already have real followers you will likely alienate them by buying Instagram likes. They will no longer trust your brand and will avoid buying your dropshipping products. They might even warn other users to stay off your page.

You will not generate sales from fake accounts.

A huge number of followers might make your brand look more popular than what it is but you will never sell anything to fake followers. They will not become brand advocates either. Paid engagement equates to zero revenue. Also, Instagram has been actively removing fake followers, likes, and comments from Instagram accounts that employ the third-party app to increase their popularity since November 2018.

You will be punished by Instagram.

Instagram will remove bought likes from your posts if they found proof that they are inauthentic. If you keep on incurring similar violation, they will shadowban your account or ban it outright so you can no longer use your username and prevent you from recreating it. In extreme cases, Instagram can block your IP address from gaining access to the Instagram website and app.


Do you need to buy Facebook or Instagram likes?

The answer is no! Growing a Facebook or Instagram page organically will take time and effort but the results will be worthwhile. Instead of buying Facebook or Instagram followers, create a content and social media strategy for your Facebook or Instagram page to acquire customers for your dropshipping business. There are multiple ways of getting more likes organically and many of them you can do without spending anything. Don’t ever deal with scammers and spammers because it will only hurt your business. By building authentic followers you are also building trust for your brand. With patience and perseverance, you will gain more from these genuine relationships in the end.

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