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David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional
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Audit your digital media effectiveness for better campaigns

It’s a significant part of creating your digital online marketing strategy and it’s really always vital that you review the potency of your digital media channels. Each time you’re updating your digital marketing plan, it is a good plan to take time to review your digital marketing channels – it is time to consider questions such as for example are you aware your VQVC measures for every channel? And which are the priorities to boost your digital media campaigns? In this practical and actionable article, we’ll explore a straightforward method of reviewing your digital media channels and strategy.

In our digital online marketing strategy workbook, you will discover a helpful table on page 37 that may enable you to audit your digital media effectiveness.

Start with reviewing all your channels

It all starts with reviewing all of your channels, in this post we shall talk through the areas of reviewing your digital marketing effectiveness and we recommend achieving this for every of the next digital channels:

  • Search marketing/ organic search
  • Online PR
  • Social Media Marketing including optimizing your presence
  • Online partnerships including internet affiliate marketing and sponsorships
  • Online display advertising, for instance, ads you might have running on the AdWords display network and well as retargeting and social media ads
  • Opt-in email marketing

Include VQVC measures across all channels

The easiest way to begin with would be to include VQVC measures for every channel, VQVC is:

  • Volume: Number or % share of site visits
  • Quality: Dwell time or conversion rate to lead or sale
  • Value: Revenue per visit (Ecommerce) or Goal value per visit (if goals create for non-Ecommerce site)
  • Cost: Cost per visit/lead/sale

It does take time to accurately pull together these figures, but unless you know the figures it is possible to rate all of them, for instance great, good, average or poor

Priorities of success factors

This section, for every of one’s channels, is about understanding just what your success factors are for every of one’s channels and which specific areas you want to improve. You need to include:

  1. What do you want to change? What’s to be changed and what does change like? remember that is only a high-level view, specific detail and campaign aspects aren’t required at this time.
  2. What does success appear to be? It’s good to learn this to comprehend by the end of the entire year whether you’re strategy has prevailed, that is hugely ideal for when you’re achieving this audit yet again next year.

New communication ways to trial

In this section, it is possible to review the communication techniques you would like to trial for every of one’s channels. For instance:

  • Social Media Marketing: Improve usage of the profile, including sending messages to LinkedIn group and invest in 2 LinkedIn articles per month
  • New nurture sequence for customers who’ve not been mixed up in last six months.

This is really a high-level section exploring the brand new techniques you would like to trial, it is also an excellent reference for once you do that audit again in per year. It’s not far better mention previous trials, though this will be noted somewhere alongside success factor, but in the years ahead you ought to be reviewing the opportunities it is possible to benefit from. The VQVC aspect can help you know how successful messaging has been previously.

Overall priority and value in comparison to other channels

This section is focused on reviewing how successful each channel is in comparison to one another, but specifically about how exactly big of important this channel is. For instance, you might feel in the entire year ahead you truly desire to expand retargeting and display advertising, but scale back on Facebook Ads as ROI has been low. The worthiness aspect enables you to explore just how much value you feeling you are getting out of this channel, can be your SEO delivering or does it need improvement. Maybe you’re keywords are too specific and competitive and for that reason paid media performs better?

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional

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