How exactly to set-up a Google Analytics demo account

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional
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Unsure about how exactly to utilize Google Analytics? Need some help with how exactly to navigate around it? Figure out how to set-up a GA demo account

Jill Quick originally wrote this advisory for the blog in July 6th 2016 predicated on a briefing with Google. 

A while back Google launched a fresh string with their analytics learning bow. A completely functioning Google Analytics account that a person with a Google account can access. It is a wonderful education tool for just about any marketer, or business proprietor, who wants an improved understanding of how exactly to use Google Analytics.

One of the issues my clients and delegates face when I deliver training on Google Analytics is really a real-life example. Something to experiment with, study from and use to back up your measurement intend to educate your team on the insights they may be getting and showing your boss what your time and effort and budget is spending money on, especially when you will need some extra tinkering to track things that matter.

The demo account is populated with real data from the Google Merchandise Store. It is a real-life e-commerce store where one can buy Google-branded merchandise, therefore the data in the account is what you will expect from an e-commerce website.

Google Merchandise Store

You can easily see traffic source data. How are their visitors getting there?  Organic, paid, display etc

google anlaytics traffic report

When you realize how they found you, what did they do if they were on your own site? You may use the demo account to check out Content data. What information to they look at, what pages do they visit, do they connect to content etc.?

google analytics content report

Do people obtain them? Consider the conversions, dive to their goals, e-commerce transactions.

google analytics conversion report

All sounds good? I believe it gets better. The demo account enables you to view the Admin section, so that you can see beneath the car bonnet as they say.

How will be the goals create?  Head to the Master View> Goals and you will see all of the micro and macro goals they will have setup.

Google Analytics Admin

If you select them it shows how it had been created. It is possible to look, however, not touch i.e. you aren’t in a position to amend the setup, which means you won’t break anything!

google anlaytics goal setup

Want access? It is extremely simple.

You have to sign into your Google Account. You’re allowed to get access to 100 makes up about free in Google Analytics, if you desire to access the demo account, remember that it will require 1 of one’s allowances.

Click with this link Access Demo Account.

Important: By clicking the ACCESS DEMO ACCOUNT link below, you opt into Google performing 1 of 2 actions linked to your Google account: In the event that you curently have a Google Analytics account, they’ll give your Google account usage of the demo account (accessible via the house tab in Google Analytics). If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, they’ll create one for you personally in colaboration with your Google account and present you usage of the demo account. You’ll still be in a position to create other accounts however the demo account use up among the final number Google Analytics accounts you’re permitted to have a Google account (100 makes up about free Google Analytics). It is possible to remove the demo account anytime.

google analytics demo account view


You could have Read and Analyze access, which means that it is possible to access the account and see all of the reports and configuration data. It is possible to filter a table, develop a segment, develop a personal asset eg an exclusive dashboard, and create an attribution model.  You won’t have the ability to, for example, develop a goal,  import data or develop a calculated metric dashboard.

I would recommend you take the time to become acquainted with the Google Merchandise Store, this can offer you context to the way the account is established. For example, they will have create Event tracking to observe how many people increase their cart or remove from cart to provide more insights into what sort of user behaves on the website.

google analytics event tracking

I believe that this will probably be a welcomed addition to the marketing community who would like to learn about Google Analytics.

For more info go to the Google support blog.

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional

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