How to Choose the Right Dropshipping Products to Sell Online

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Product selection is the first step towards success in dropshipping.


Finding dropshipping products to sell is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a dropshipping business. It takes time to do the research to identify the products that would sell in the market. Yet, having the list of potential products is not the end of the product research. You still need to decide on which items to finally list in your store as it’s hard to build a brand in selling random pieces.

Many dropshipping beginners got stuck in the product selection process. This happens if you don’t know how to approach the process methodically to come up with the result that you want which is, the final list of products to sell online. Product selection is critical because the products you’ll choose can make or break your dropshipping business. Yet, a completely random approach to product selection can leave you stuck in the brainstorming phase forever.


Can I just sell trending products to skip the product selection process?

Of course, you can! It only takes finding trending products and listing them in your store, right? Yet, there are factors you need to consider if you are planning to have a dropshipping business that does not end with the trend. Trending products have a limited life span. When people’s interest in them fades out, you’ll lose the market. Unless you already found a new trending product with an unsaturated market to sell, you might stop selling to save on operating costs when you’re not getting sales anymore.

It’s not bad to sell trending products. However, you have to weigh the pros and cons before you decide to market this type of product.



Now let’s move to discuss the steps to undergo when choosing the right dropshipping products to sell online.


Step #1 Pick a niche before finding products to dropship.

If you’re into niche dropshipping, you need to decide on a niche first before finding products. When you have a specific niche market, you’ll understand your audience better. Product finding will not be a struggle for you because you’ll know the kind of products that your audience is interested in. If you do decide to sell trending products related to your niche, your store can continue getting sales from steady sellers when the market for the trending products declines.

Need some ideas on which niches will be profitable in 2020? You can check out this post.


Step #2 Choose the type of niche products to sell.

Once you have picked a niche for your store, the next thing to do is to choose the type of dropshipping products to sell. Test selling products in your store can help you validate the profitability of your niche and your chosen items. There are three types of products that you can dropship depending on their purpose.

  • Products that are nice-to-have. These are products that do not solve any problems or offer basic benefits.
  • Products that meet an emotional need. These are products that deeply touch the emotions of the buyers and make them feel part of a group, movement, etc.
  • Products that solve an immediate problem. These are products that provide an immediate solution to a problem.

You can identify these product types by referring to this post.


After you have selected the type of product to sell in your niche, you can then proceed to find products. There are four considerations in determining the products to sell in your niche store. Would you choose popular products but with more competition? Do you want to avoid a high competition and sell less popular products? Are products that you have experience in something you can market expertly? Or, you want products that bring you high-profit margins? This article explains how each product finding strategy works.


Step #3 Validate the profitability of the niche.

A saturated market makes it hard for your business to stand out but it’s not impossible. To ensure that you’ll have a profitable niche for dropshipping, there are 4 criteria that you can use to validate it. These are the potential demand or market size, your top competitors, your target customers, and the viability of the product. Choose between the long method and the short method presented in this article.


Step #4 Quickly test the products.

Testing products to find the winners can save you money later. Although you need to spend money while product testing, it would be lesser than what you’ll end up losing by marketing products that do not perform well. If you’re a beginner in dropshipping, the more that you have to test products. By product testing, you’ll find out if your products can be profitable or not. This way you can ensure that you will list only those that perform well in your store. Read this post to learn how you can quickly test dropshipping products on social media.


Can I start dropshipping without a niche?

Absolutely! If you’re not ready to choose a particular niche for your business you can always start as a general store. This way you’ll be earning profits while using your store as a testing ground for the various niches you’ll be carrying. However, a general store has less conversion rate than a niche store. If you want to have more focused marketing to generate more sales, you have to pivot to a niche store.

A niche store can help you paint a story and market to your target audience using storytelling marketing tactics. When you have identified your best-selling products in your general store, you can proceed to build a niche store to sell them in. To know why it would be more advantageous for beginners to start a general store, check out this article.


Final Thoughts

Don’t get caught up in choosing the right dropshipping products to sell online. You may use these steps to decide on which items to list in your store so you can proceed with marketing them and generate profits.

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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