How to develop a Twitter Online marketing strategy for 2018

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional
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Are you searching for the right mixture of activities which will help you develop a power-packed Twitter marketing plan?

Here certainly are a few activities that may get you thousands to an incredible number of impressions, engagements, retweets, replies, likes, link clicks, profile clicks and more.

One tip here’s before initiating any activity, consider why you do this and how will you do this without the friction.

Apart from being efficient, your action ought to be effective!

But, before all that, do you want to know why you need to train you to ultimately get a power-packed Twitter marketing?

Have a glance at the next statistics. It clearly indicates how brands are taking complete control of the tactic.

Twitter stats 2017

The above chart indicates a brand with 1m-10m fans posts nearly 24 tweets daily to help keep their brand alive. This is actually the demand today. So, don’t get relaxed. Catch up by learning the very best methods.

Here will be the seven methods. Give it a go. You won’t ever know, it is possible to hit a gold mine.

1. Follow the discussions on Twitter and Participate Actively

Twitter is without a doubt the house for discussion and a platform to remain informed. Keeping a tabs on top trending discussions and tweeting or participating on such trending topics is similar to gathering just as much attention as possible. You may use Tweetdeck to help keep an eye on trending hashtags and match the conversation. Talkerwalker Alerts also permit you to track, listen and monitor conversations around certain topics and brands over the internet, including Twitter.

Explore moments, Spot trends and Study minds

For example; why don’t we take what’s trending in Twitter in neuro-scientific technology in recent days – Its Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies, protocols and investment outlook all together. As we each is aware that the technology has moved from mere buzzword to almost possible, you can find top-level discussions happening in Twitter nowadays.

By taking part in such topics, you will get to learn and follow key influencers and also gain the eye of the connectors to such topics by communicating with them.

“Twitter is actually taking the lead because the home for discussions linked to new monetary technologies.” Joe Gits, Co-Founder of Social Market Analytics.

Have a glance at the next image for hashtags and topic list linked to Blockchain and its own related technology. You can easily retweet and gain maximum reach by tweeting on topics that matter most to the planet on a day-to-day basis.


You can track topics and hashtags trending in real-time nowadays like how it had been discovered via the discussion topic Blockchain.

Gain such insights and formulate your strategy.

2. Go live with Live Video Tweets

Research supports the truth that 80% of individuals who view a video on Twitter have a tendency to remember it. Posting live video broadcasts could possibly be the best way to produce a real-time appearance on social media also to promote your brand. Live video serves several purposes. Recently Twitter added the facility to go live from the App.  Marketers can reach the audience that are otherwise far to attain via this activity.

Go Live

“Video can make up over 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic by 2020.” Cisco

That may be the belief and power of vdeo sales marketing.

The best benefit of this technique is thoughts is broken live anyone who views your live broadcast can join you and interact. It could generate a more impressive audience and encourage interactions in a compelling way.

In short, this is a method that facilitates both action and reaction instantly and in real-time.

You simply need to keep it fresh and realistic to activate your audience.

3. Thread Tweets Together

Express more with threads. That is among the new facilities extended by Twitter in recent days. It enables you to take up a tweet and keep adding more tweets to exactly the same by simply threading to the initial tweet.

Tread tweets

The facility which allows one to connect and publish threaded tweets. As soon as you publish your thread, you’re still permitted to add new ones to it anytime.

You may also spot a thread easily. This together with the extension of the type count allows you for anyone to match their thoughts and serialize with new threads to create longer.

Your tweet could be a story, thought, ongoing discuss any event thus un-limiting your imagination and innovation with Twitter.

4. Mark key Events for every month

Can you recollect the 2018 #GoldenGlobes that dazzled on Twitter recently?

Twitter had an unprecedented degree of tweeted moments in this event.

Following such events and happenings and updating them in your calendar can help you plan your articles and go fresh together with your tweets during such events too.

Every month is filled with some key dates which are filled up with events linked to some events, sports, music, culture, festivals, fashion, movie promos and so forth.

Identify those key dates and show your personality when you are actively and relevantly tweeting on days past.

Plan your campaign according to the main element dates and tailor your articles when you are creative throughout on a monthly basis.

  • You can tweet concerning the happenings
  • Go live in case you are present in-person
  • You can quote a tweet of such events
  • Tweet with clickable images
  • Add a Gif to your content
  • Tag anyone (relevant)

How to start achieving this?

  • Identify events locally
  • Identify events in places around where you are ( regionally)
  • Identify events happening in other key destinations
  • Identify events happening globally

Once you identify;

  • Create a marketing calendar
  • Plan your campaign according to the dates identified

5. Harness the Positive Power – Tweet for a Cause

Customers expect brands to have a stand on social and environmental issues. Voicing from such issues proves your strength. Taking part in such programs allows enables you to develop a greater impact among your followers.

“Companies must now share not merely what they are a symbol of, but what they operate for.” The 2017 Global CSR Study

“Freedom to express” is among the missions of Twitter and the business has been calling participants who is able to connect, learn and grow alongside the likeminded people.

Analyze and join such initiatives by supporting anything from Internet safety, media literacy; empower women, emergency response and disaster and several such issues.

Enhance your engagement, level of discussion and sentiments and share them together with your followers.

Tweet for an underlying cause

One tip here’s while tweeting on such issues; you can even create your personal hashtags and encourage your followers to activate with you.

So, with one of these tactics you have significantly more room to explore and plan your Twitter marketing.

If you are feeling you don’t have time and energy to get these tasks sorted out, then, don’t worry. You will get them achieved by utilizing a good social media marketing automation tool and save considerable time.

“Today you can find sophisticated social media marketing automation tools to tweet, run campaigns and promotions. Plus they are designed and optimized to work within the guidelines of tweeting as Twitter has written in the policy and user agreement,” says Jeff Bullas.

That said, you can now try them and see on your own. Understand simultaneously, additionally it is important to perform audits to measure your activities.

Wrapping it up

“Twitter is approximately moving words,” says Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Twitter.

Today, social media marketing acts as a prime technique for all businesses. There is absolutely no choice. How you do may be the question. With all of this, understand that targeting relevant audiences could keep you because the winner. The higher targeting you do, the more content audience will undoubtedly be.

I believe; in the event that you apply the above-mentioned tactics you can view good results. When you have the idea, you may make that as your habit. Go Twitter!

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional

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