How to Effectively Drive Traffic from Instagram to Your Dropshipping Website

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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Instagram has tons of features and tools to grow your dropshipping business.


A dropshipping Instagram page is not built in a day. It takes time and hard work to build brand awareness and following on this platform. Yet, the benefits that it offers dropshipper will be worthwhile because it can send both free and paid traffic to your site. Once you have established a presence and a decent number of fans on Instagram, you can start marketing on them to make money. With the right strategies, Instagram can drive more leads and conversions for your dropshipping business.


What are the different ways of driving traffic from Instagram?

Reminding your Instagram audience to check out your #linkinbio is not the only way of driving traffic to your website. Instagram is packed with features that can help grow your brand and generate more sales. Here are some ways you can effectively direct people from Instagram towards your dropshipping website.


  • Add Link to IGTV Video Descriptions

You can’t add clickable links in your Instagram feed posts but you can have them on IGTV posts. The viewers of your IGTV video can easily click on the links after watching to buy the products. As videos can highly influence purchasing habits, you can create videos that showcase the uses and features of your dropshipping products to educate the viewers and promote your products.

Let’s take for example the beauty brand Trinny London. The brand creates makeup tutorial videos on their IGTV channel to teach the viewers how to apply their cosmetics to achieve a  look. There you can see that shortened links to products are included in the caption so anyone can easily click on them to check out the products.



  • Add Link to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allows you to highlight different dropshipping products to increase engagement, product awareness, and trust. It lets you connect on a personal level with your followers. You can use this feature to post founder stories, brand values, or your products to boost traffic to your site.

For example, you can educate them about the materials of your product, the available colors, and how they can style them up. You can add a link to the story that redirects viewers after swiping-up to your website where they can either know more about the product or buy it there and then.

Here’s one way Lucy & Yak is using Instagram Stories to drive traffic to their website.



The fashion brand, visually highlighted the quality of their leggings to educate their followers and encourage them to go to their website by showing a preview of their product collection page then the “swipe up to shop all leggings!” call-to-action. By using this strategy, the brand was able to promote its products and drive traffic to its site in one go.

The brand Casetify, on the other hand, used Instagram Stories to build hype and keep their viewers engaged until the launch of their new phone case collection. They encouraged people to sign up to their waitlist to give their launch an exclusivity element and added a count down timer to drive urgency.


By doing a swipe-up action, the viewers will be taken to a landing page where they can sign up for the waitlist and newsletter. With this strategy, the brand was able to drive traffic to its page and turn them into leads which they can, later on, convert to customers with promotional content.



However, not everyone can add a swipe-up link to their stories. The swipe-up feature in Instagram Stories is only available when you reach 10K followers. Until then, you can only direct the audience to your link in bio.


  • Make Your Instagram Account Shoppable

Use Instagram’s built-in shopping features to make your page shoppable. You can directly tag dropshipping products in your stories and feed with this functionality to get more sales. Your audience can either visit your website or check out within Instagram depending on their location. Take a look at how leather brand Coach took advantage of Instagram’s built-in shopping features.




They tagged all the products featured in the post with each product name and price, give the viewer the option to View Products, and a call-to-action button to view them on their website to checkout.

Currently, the shoppable Instagram is only available in selected countries and there are eligibility requirements that must be complied with by the brand to enjoy this feature.


  • Create Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads can quickly drive huge traffic to your site. It is a guaranteed means of reaching your target audience in a short time. However, for an ad campaign to be successful, you should have a clear idea of your goals. If you want to propel more traffic into your site, you should have a strong call-to-action. Take for example this ad from Jasper’s Market, it has a prominent ‘Shop Now’ button that viewers can tap on to be taken to the brand’s landing page where they can shop for products.



  • Use the Right Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are influencers that promote your dropshipping products on their followers and link to your site to send you huge waves of traffic. However, you should only work with the brand ambassadors that are right for your brand. Their audience should be aligned with your target audience and they can authentically recommend your product for your campaign to be successful.



Need tips on choosing the right influencers for your brand? Check out this post.


Key Takeaway

Instagram is designed to help grow brands including dropshipping businesses. With the right strategies, you’ll be able to drive more sales for your dropshipping products. Whether you are doing organic marketing or paid marketing, placing your website link in your content is very effective in driving traffic from Instagram to your website. Experiment with the strategies on this article already so you can turn your followers into buyers and make sales on Instagram.

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