How to Effectively Use Popups in Your Dropshipping Store

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Pop-ups are great for online businesses especially dropshipping stores.


One of the most powerful yet underutilized digital marketing tools, pop-ups help generate leads, segment customers and drive more sales. They’re awesome for a variety of online businesses especially eCommerce stores. And if you’re not using them in your dropshipping store, you’re leaving money out on the table.

Although pop-ups are great marketing tools, they can be intrusive and annoying when done too much. If used strategically, they can be effective game changers that could convert visitors into customers.



Why do pop-ups work?

According to a Sumo study, an average pop-up converted 3.09% of the tested sample and the best one registered 9.28%. Looking at these results, you can easily see that despite many people are complaining about pop-ups, not having them on your website means lost opportunity to get sales for you.

The key reasons why pop-up advertising works include:

  • Pop-ups are seen by everyone.

Unlike banner advertising, popups are 100% viewed by website visitors because they have to be seen for them to be closed. A 3% conversion rate of your web traffic may not sound impressive but it can become notable over time.

  • Pop-ups can’t be ignored.

Your website visitors have no choice but to read your value proposition when it pops up in their face. Even if they choose to close it, your message was successfully communicated. Unlike your subscription prompt placed in the sidebar or website footer that can be skipped or ignored, a pop-up is completely seen.

  • Pop-ups convey a message when website visitors are engaged.

Well-timed pop-ups deliver a prompt on the exact time when your visitors are most likely to click through. If they’re trying to exit the page, a pop-up offer can make them change their mind and continue browsing or sign-up to your newsletter.

  • Pop-ups offer value to potential customers.

Pop-ups that are used randomly with the obvious intent of convincing the visitor to buy outright can drive them away. Yet, relevant pop-ups that are used intelligently provide value to site visitors and make them stay.


Pop-ups get a bad rap because they’re invasive, distracting, and annoying. Yet, they can be appealing to your visitors and can enhance the customer experience when done right. Here are four effective ways of using pop-ups on your dropshipping site.


#1 Don’t show the opt-in form immediately.

Website visitors hate it when they are bombarded by pop-ups immediately after landing on a site. If you want them to stay and check out what you’re offering, hide the form on your landing page. Here’s an example from DavidsTea.

The opt-in form is hidden until you click the TAKE 10% OFF button.


The Beardbrand uses another way of hiding the form, a red dot on the notification icon.

If you click on the icon, the form will be displayed.


Based on Sumo’s analysis, the conversion rate of a landing page without visible form fields are better. The click popups have 12x better conversion compared to other email pop-ups because they only appear when triggered by the visitor. They choose to view the pop-up themselves and were not forced to consume the message they deliver.


#2 Offer a first-time buyer discount.

Upon landing on Pact’s website, you’ll be greeted by this discount offer pop-up.


Poo-Pourri has a different version of the pop-up at the bottom of their homepage


This kind of pop-up advertising works because it delivers relevant value at the time the visitor wants it. For someone who has the intention to buy products from your dropshipping store, they would appreciate getting information about available discounts before purchasing anything.


#3 Remind website visitors about a limited offer.

A countdown timer pop-up that appears immediately upon the visitor’s arrival to your site can add urgency to your sales, deals, and promotions. Countdown timers that are embedded within your site’s scrolling header or footer bars do not hinder your visitor’s ability to navigate your site. They just remind the visitor of your limited offer and they need to act on it or miss out on the chance of enjoying what you’re offering. Below is an example of a countdown timer pop-up used by Best Buy.


#4 Combat non-conversion or shopping cart abandonment.

When you try to exit the website of Luxy Hair without adding anything to your cart, this exit-intent pop-up will appear.


If a product has been added but you attempt to leave the Pact website without completing checkout, you’ll be shown this pop-up.


This type of pop-up is effective because it deals with the primary reasons for cart abandonment. According to the Baymard Institute, the most common reasons that buyers abandon their carts are:


An exit-intent pop-up that prompts a call reduces the rate of abandonment as checkout issues can be immediately addressed with assistance from the customer service team.


Final Words

There you have it, the four ways to effectively use pop-ups in your dropshipping store. Pop-ups have been a viable and valuable strategy for growth for many online businesses. With a little bit of work and a reliable popup tool, popups can certainly help you acquire more customers in your dropshipping business. So what are you waiting for? Try them out already!

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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