How to Find White Label Dropshipping Suppliers

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Do you want to sell products with your brand label without holding an inventory? Then, do white label dropshipping!


Traditionally, white labeling or private labeling products means you have to buy products in bulk from a wholesaler and have them shipped to your home or a fulfillment facility so you can add your custom brand label before shipping to your customers. Nowadays, many wholesale suppliers or manufacturers offer white label or private label services which include modifying some elements in the products and placing your label into each of them. After they have white-labeled or private-labeled all your products they will then ship it to you or to the facility of your choice to be stored, packed, and shipped to your customers later.

However, there’s another white labeling option that you can explore which is white label dropshipping. In contrast to traditional white labeling, you will not hold the inventory in white label dropshipping, the supplier will store, pack, and ship the products without any branding or with your brand label to your customers.


Do all dropshipping suppliers offer white label dropshipping?

Unfortunately, no! Not all dropshipping suppliers provide white label dropshipping which is why you have to research to find those that offer this option. This is an arrangement that you have to make with the supplier and may involve signing a contract or agreement. I’ll tell you how to find white label dropshipping suppliers later on this post.


How does white label dropshipping work?

Just like the standard dropshipping, you have to choose one or a few products that you want to dropship then, choose the white label dropshipping supplier to work with. If you want to learn more about white label dropshipping, how it differs from private labeling, as well as the pros and cons involved, I suggest that you read this article.

White label dropshipping can be done in two ways: blind dropshipping and dropshipping products with your brand label.


  • Blind Dropshipping

This is easy to set up because you’ll only request the supplier to exclude the invoice and their promotional materials during packaging. This is a strategy you can use so the customers will not learn about your wholesale cost and product origin. With blind dropshipping, you can avoid the unnecessary risk of complaints, disputes, and chargebacks from angry customers who might feel ripped-off by buying from you instead of the supplier.

In blind dropshipping, you just leave a message to the AliExpress supplier on the checkout page to not include marketing materials and invoice on the order and blindly dropship it instead. To ensure that the supplier accommodates blind dropshipping requests, you have to contact them and ask them directly about this option before buying products from them.


  • Dropshipping Products with Your Brand Label

This white label dropshipping option involves attaching your brand label to the generic products that a supplier sells. The supplier might design and print the labels for you or you just send them your custom labels to attach to the products. As this is a special arrangement that you’ll have with the supplier, you need to discuss the details and make an agreement with them.


Not all dropshipping suppliers in AliExpress offer this option which is why I’ll be recommending ways you can find white label dropshipping suppliers. You have to be careful when vetting suppliers so you will only cooperate with those that are reliable and can cope up with the growth of your business. Learn what requirements or qualifications to look for in a supplier in this article.


Where to find white label dropshipping suppliers?

There are several methods to search for white label dropshipping suppliers on the web. You can do it using a search engine, checking marketplaces, joining forums, and using a product research tool.


Method 1: Search Engine





Type in a variety of keywords like “white label dropshipping”, “white label manufacturer or supplier”, or “white label dropshipper” to find potential dropshipping suppliers or manufacturers.


Method 2: Marketplaces/Online Directories






Maker’s Row

Search by using keywords like “white label” or “private label” to filter products of potential white label dropshipping suppliers. Contact potential suppliers individually to confirm if they offer white label dropshipping.


Method 3: Forums

Look for conversations, reviews, and referrals from members for white label suppliers or manufacturers on these forums.



Warrior Forum


Method 4: Product Research Tool

Subscribe to Product Mafia’s product research service called Product Spy to find trending products that you can white label. The research includes the info of suppliers that you can dropship white label products from AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay. In addition to this feature, you’ll get access to reports, statistics, and Facebook ads that will help you market your white label products.

Learn more about this service here.


Final Words

White label dropshipping helps you establish your brand’s reputation and earn more profits than standard dropshipping. It also helps reduce the risk of copyright infringement as you will use your brand label for generic products. Just make sure that you look for reliable white label dropshipping suppliers to ensure on-time product delivery to your customers. You can use the long method of research or skip the long process by using Product Mafia service.

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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