How to Get Better Shipping Times in Dropshipping

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Dropshipping from China means you have to deal with long shipping times.


Long shipping time is one of the concerns of dropshipping products from China. If this keeps you from starting your own dropshipping business then don’t let it hold you back anymore. Long shipping time will not stop people from buying. You will, however, be flooded with emails from customers asking where their items are. Don’t worry because there are several ways you can explore to resolve the issue, and we will be discussing some of them here.


What are the different ways to make shipping times better?

Long shipping times can impact conversion in your dropshipping business, yes, but not so much as you think. There are many ways to get faster shipping times. The easiest you can get rid of long shipping times in your business are by doing any of the following measures:


#1 Own the inventory.

Buying your products in bulk from wholesalers can resolve the long shipping time issue. There are other benefits to it too, like getting cheaper wholesale prices so you can set higher markups and more control over the quality and delivery of purchases.  When you own the inventory, you can perform quality control and add promotional materials before shipping products to customers. You can either do the fulfillment yourself or hire a fulfillment service to do the packing and shipping of orders for you.


#2 Use AliExpress alternatives.

There are several AliExpress alternatives nowadays that you can explore. Research the suppliers from these platforms to find someone who will be able to ship products better and faster than AliExpress. This article listed 6 AliExpress alternatives that you can look into.


#3 Work with a dropshipping agent.

This is another way of reducing shipping time that you can explore. You can work with a dropshipping agent based in China who can find products for you from local wholesalers. The same person can also take care of warehousing and fulfillment. There are advantages to this method but there are disadvantages too. Check out this post to get more info about working with an agent.




If you still want to source products from AliExpress, here are measures you can do to avoid angry customers and chargebacks.


  • Ask your suppliers for faster shipping options.

Who else knows the fastest route to shipping than your dropshipping suppliers? They have years of experience working in this industry and they have already established relationships with various shipping companies and couriers. Don’t hesitate to ask them about the most reliable and fastest shipping company to deliver your products to your customers. If you have built a good relationship with your suppliers, they will be happy to provide the answer for you.


  • Pay your supplier extra for a quicker shipping method.

ePacket is the most popular option for dropshippers who want faster shipping than what the supplier offers. Other shipping options can dramatically reduce shipping time, but you’ll have to pay the extra shipping fee. AliExpress sellers have several shipping options as you can see in this below image.

If you’ll be offering faster shipping options to your customers, then price your product in such a way that you can still earn a good profit margin after paying more for shipping. Another way is to ask customers to pay more for expedited delivery if they’re in a hurry to get the items. This technique is well worth trying.


If your customers are based in the US, you can choose the option to ship from the United States in AliExpress. This will let you deliver their purchases faster than shipping from China. Here’s how the option looks in AliExpress.

However, if you’ll be shipping to other countries than the US, you have no choice but to ship from China using other ways discussed in this article.


  • Work with a supplier with the shortest processing time.

The length of time that a supplier processes your order can influence your overall delivery time. When vetting suppliers, make sure that you take into consideration their processing time. The shorter the processing time, the better. Avoid working with a supplier that takes 7 days to process orders.


  • Avoid selling high-ticket products.

A high-ticket product can give you big profit margins but the customer often wants to get it delivered in a hurry. As the item costs a lot of money, the customer expects to receive it the soonest time possible. They will not be comfortable waiting for weeks for the product to arrive. They would probably file a chargeback with their banks before the expected delivery period ends for fear that they will be scammed and lost their money. Avoid selling high-ticket items at all cost and you’re saving yourself from costly chargebacks.


You can find more tips on how to handle long delivery times when dropshipping from AliExpress in in this article. Read it so you will stop worrying about long shipping times in dropshipping and focus more on certain aspects that can compensate for the waiting time that the customers have to deal with particularly customer service.


Key Takeaway

Don’t be worried about long shipping times when dropshipping products. There are several ways you can do to resolve the issue. You either explore AliExpress alternatives as a way of reducing shipping, or work with AliExpress suppliers in cutting down delivery time with faster processing time and shipping methods.

If the long shipping issue makes you hesitate on starting a dropshipping business in the past, stop worrying about it and get to work on building your business already. The solutions are here and all you have to do is to try them yourself.


David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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