How to Leverage Facebook Messenger Ads in Your Dropshipping Business

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Facebook Messenger Ads boost brand awareness in three different ways.


Dropshipping businesses that use Facebook Messenger to provide better customer support realize the benefits that the app offers. It’s no longer just a channel where you can provide timely answers and assistance to your customers, you can advertise on it too. If you haven’t explored the potentials of the Facebook Messenger Ads yet, this article will discuss the different ways this form of advertising can help your dropshipping business.

To start with, you should learn first the importance of using Facebook Messenger for customer support. Shall we begin?


The Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger in Dropshipping

Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users as of the 2nd quarter of 2019, making it the biggest social network in the world. This means you have that huge number of potential customers just waiting for you to tap them. As these people are already conversing with their family, friends, and other businesses on Facebook Messenger, it’s time for you to join them there and engaged them with individual interactions and personalized conversations.

Your business can utilize Facebook Messenger in several ways to promote your brand and generate sales and these include:

  • Advertising new dropshipping products.
  • Encouraging users to purchase.
  • Driving more traffic to your dropshipping website
  • Providing customer support.

With about 56% of shoppers preferring to message businesses than calling them to get answers for their queries, you should already be on Facebook Messenger. This way you will not miss the opportunity of converting them into customers and retaining their business if they are already your customers.

Dropshipping is a highly competitive industry and waiting for customers to find you from the sea of competitors will not get you anywhere. You have to be where the people are and make them notice you. Once you got their attention, use every means you got to hold their interest and convince them to go over your store and check out your offerings. Your work does not end there, you need to convert your traffic to customers so you can get returns on your investment.

Acquiring customers takes a huge amount of money and lots of hard work. Therefore, you must ensure that your first-time customers become repeat customers so you will not always work to get new customers. By using Facebook Messenger, you can provide timely assistance to your customers and keep them in the loop with the promos and deals you have at your store.

As 53% of shoppers are likely to buy from a business that they can talk to, replying faster to customer messages on Facebook Messenger can help establish trust and loyalty. By giving them a good customer experience, they would be happy to buy from you again.

Facebook Messenger is also a great channel to run ads and get more traffic for your website. Facebook Messenger Ads are placed strategically in the app so you can get the maximum results for your campaign. If you have already run regular Facebook Ads in the past, it’s time to level up your advertising efforts with Facebook Messenger Ads.



The 3 Different Types of Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads appear in the user’s Facebook newsfeed, Facebook Messenger inbox, and chat box. The latter is only possible if they have sent you a message in the past. There are three types of Messenger Ads that you can use to advertise your business and these are Click-to-Messenger Ads, Sponsored Messages, and Messenger Home Placement.


Click-to-Messenger Ads

This type is the most commonly used among the three Messenger because it lets you start conversations with people for the first time. It shows up in the people’s newsfeed like most Facebook Ads but when clicked on the user will be taken to the Facebook Messenger to start a conversation with you. Take a look at the click-to-messenger-ad created by the Digital Marketer.

Image Source


Click-to-messenger ads can help you reach cold traffic or retarget people who visited your sales page but did not buy anything. Cold traffic is people who have never heard of your business before. By running this type of Messenger Ad you can increase awareness and get new customers.

Meanwhile, retargeting previous visitors via Messenger might encourage them to ask the questions that prevented them from buying from you in the past. Once you have satisfied them with your answer, there is a likelihood that they will complete the journey and become your customers.


Sponsored Messages

Through Sponsored Messages, you can send promotional messages to your Messenger subscribers directly to their Facebook Messenger inbox. This type of Messenger Ad may be sent beyond the 24-hour standard messaging window of Facebook and will be tagged as ‘Sponsored’ in the chat. You can only send this ad to people who have conversed with you in the past and haven’t unsubscribed yet. This will appear in the users’ chat box with your brand like the image below.

Image Source


Sponsored Messages lets you nurture an existing relationship with users by sending updates, offers, and other promotional content that are relevant to them. You can re-engage customers by following up conversation they had with your bot. You can also use this to point customers to products and features within your bot.


Messenger Home Placement

This new placement for ads that can show up in the home screen of your Facebook Messenger gives you the option to direct users to your landing page or inside the Messenger. This ad can appear intrusive yet if it is relevant to the user, it can get favorable attention. The below home screen ad from a clothing brand created an urgency to cajole users to click through to get free shipping.

Image Source


The Advantages of Facebook Messenger Ads Over Regular Facebook Ads

  1. Messenger Ads offer a more personalized user experience.
  2. Click-to-Messenger Ads allows you to talk immediately to users and address their issues to convert them faster with the conversation.
  3. Sponsored Messages or Click-to-Messenger will stay in the users’ Facebook Messenger inbox increasing the chance of them to connect with your brand with their questions and concerns.


Final Words

Boost your Facebook marketing strategy by combining Facebook Messenger with regular Facebook Ads. By doing so, you can target more Facebook users and boost your dropshipping business.

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David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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