How to Make a One-Product Dropshipping Store Successful This 2020?

Trixia Barrientos

Trixia Barrientos

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The secret to a successful one-product dropshipping store is finding the right product.


Many dropshipping businesses have succeeded in selling only one product on their sites. They have built their stores to highlight a single product and design their marketing plan around it. Yet, just like other types of dropshipping store, a one-product store takes time and hard work to create and sell. And one major factor in its success is finding the right product.


Are a one-product store and niche store the same?

If you think that a one-product store or a single-product store is similar to a niche store then you’re mistaken. A one-product dropshipping store is different from a niche dropshipping store when it comes to the number of products they sell. The former sells only a single product, like a bamboo toothbrush while a niche dropshipping store can sell a range of products in a specific niche. Eco-friendly oral care is one example of a niche that can include toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, and other related products.



What are the benefits of a one-product dropshipping store?

A dropshipping store that sells a single product has some advantages over a general store and a niche store. By focusing on just one product, you’ll get rid of extra worries and some amount of stress. Although you’ll still be multitasking, you’ll be monitoring and strategizing for a single product only. With a single-product store you have the following advantages:

  • You have to find one winning product only.
  • You can easily buy a sample to check the quality of the product.
  • You can plan for your marketing activities with higher efficiency.
  • You can complete your daily business operations easily and quickly.

There are disadvantages to this type of store that you have to consider as well. If you are torn between a one-product store and a general store, you should read this article.


What makes a one-product dropshipping website profitable?

A one-product store can be profitable with the right product. This is the key to the success of your dropshipping business which is why product selection is critical. To ensure that you’ll have a profitable store, these are important things that you need to consider when building your one-product store.


#1 – Pick an item that carries all the elements of a winning product.

The winning product should have the following characteristics:

The item solves a universal problem. It means that the product addresses the problem being experienced by a lot of people around the world. The goal is to appeal to millions of people, not a small audience with a unique preference. Let’s use, for example of a universal problem the thinning hair. Thinning hair can be caused by aging, stress, harsh chemicals, medications, treatments, or family history. Wearing a wig can quickly solve this problem.

It is not easily accessible anywhere. The item should not be found easily in brick-and-mortar-stores. People will be willing to pay an arm and a leg to something that they can’t get anywhere. They also won’t mind waiting two to four weeks for the product to arrive at their doorstep. Again using the wig as an example, a synthetic wig can be found easily at local stores but a natural, eco-friendly wig will be harder to find.



The product is something that people are passionate about. Many people are passionate about looking good because it makes them more confident. Bald spots or thin hair can make them feel insecure which is why they wear wigs to solve a pain. They could easily switch length, hair colors, and hairstyle with wigs.

It is visually appealing. Images and videos showing the product in use can bring the item to life. It will also help people understand and imagine how it would look in real life. For the wig product example, a video of a model wearing the wig with various ensembles can help in marketing the product.


#2 – Design your dropshipping website to highlight your product.

A one-product website has only one page which is the home page. This is the only page to capture your visitor’s attention and convert them into customers. Therefore, you must have high-quality images, incredible product videos, and texts that focus on customers on your site. You should also have a social proof as this is essential for a one-product store. By integrating reviews from previous buyers and trust badges, visitors will know that your store is reliable and they can shop safely on it.


#3 – Create a winning Facebook ad campaign.

Once you have created your one-product dropshipping store, the next step would be to advertise it on Facebook. Target people who you want to buy your product based on demographics.

Using our wig example, what type of person would like to be more confident with their looks when talking to people? One answer could be people who work in the office. With a little research, you can find out what age group uses wigs the most. Using these two demographics, create a Facebook ad to test and see the results. If there’s no conversion, you can change your demographics or test new ad creative. You can get ideas from other successful ads that have been made in the past then form a new creative using them as inspiration.


Can you upsell in your one-product dropshipping store?

Although the concept of a one-product dropshipping store is selling a single product only, you can do some tightly related upsells. Coming back to our wig example, you can upsell by bundling variants like a pink wig plus a blonde wig can save customers 10% or get them a free wig conditioner. You can also offer a complementary product like a wig stand or a storage bag for a special price when they buy one wig from you. Below are a few products that can be used to upsell the main product which is the wig.



Final Thoughts

A one-product dropshipping store is a great way to profit from one product without testing lots of different products. However, as there is only a single item to test, it is important to pick the right product. The key to finding a potential winner is to assess dropshipping products to find the one that carries all the elements of the winning product. By having a winning product, a visually appealing website, and the right audience, you could generate thousands of dollars with a one-product dropshipping store.

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