How To Stand Out From The Competition When Dropshipping Apparel

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Fashion apparel is a highly-competitive niche but very profitable if you can differentiate your dropshipping business from other sellers.


Dropshipping apparel comes with competing against too many competitors. When you’re just starting dropshipping, many online sellers will advise you not to jump into a saturated niche like this. The global population of online sellers in the apparel niche is enormous. This means that you’ll be constantly fighting it out with competitors including major brands for customers’ attention. Still, this niche can be very lucrative for you if you play your cards right.

It would be difficult to optimize, promote, and generate profits on a store selling a bunch of random clothes that are not connected. You have to focus on a narrower, specific category to differentiate yourself from the multitude of online apparel sellers out there. And you can do that by choosing a niche market.



What is a niche market and how it can benefit your business?

A niche market is defined as a very specific portion of a huge market. It involves selling a specific range of products to a tightly focused group. For example, if you pick activewear as the market,  your niche could be apparels that are specially designed for hot yoga. Although choosing a niche market when you’re a beginner dropshipper is not necessary, it has several advantages for your new dropshipping business.

The fashion industry is swamped by selections of products to purchase. If you will not sell something different or sell products differently, people will have no reason to buy from you. When you choose a niche market, you’ll be able to pinpoint the dropshipping products that sell best in your store. You can also stand out in the market by getting recognized for something, you’ll have an identity.

Selecting a tight niche makes it easy for people to identify you and understand what you’re selling. If they know what category you’re in, they can think of you when they might need items from you. The apparel niche is saturated but you can stand out if you make yourself unique and distinguishable in the sea of sellers that are dropshipping clothes. How to do that? Here are 5 strategies you can do!


#1 Determine your apparel niche market.



To know exactly what niche market you’re going to pursue, here are some questions that you have to ask yourself to clearly understand for whom you are creating your dropshipping store.

  • How do I want customers to view my brand (low-end, middle-end, or high-end)?
  • Is the emotion of my brand quiet (minimalists, dark tone), medium (casual neutral colors, positive energy), or loud (vibrant hues, colors that speak out)?
  • What types of apparel should I sell (casual, corporate, Bohemian, Goth, sporty, etc.)?
  • What material should you focus on (silk, denim, velvet, 100% cotton, etc.)?
  • Will you cater to men, women, or all genders?
  • What age group should wear your apparel (13-17, 18-24, 65+, etc.)?
  • Where do your customers live (warm Florida, seasonal Chicago, etc.)?


Once you have answered all these questions, you’ll have a clear focus on your brand. To differentiate yourself from other apparel dropshippers, you have to niche down. By doing so, you can concentrate marketing on that niche to beat your competition and boost your profits.  You can always expand when you can master your niche.


#2 Define your pricing strategy.

When you already have a clearer picture of your target customers, you’ll be able to assess how much money you will ask for the clothes you dropship. Your pricing strategy can give you a competitive advantage as it makes you different from your competitors. You can gain customer loyalty through it when you build the perfect pricing strategy for your dropshipping products. Don’t forget to check out this article for more tips on setting prices.


#3 Make your site user-friendly.

Design your site to make it easy to navigate by people, both techie or not. Pay attention to your store design and layout so your customers can have optimal user experience when accessing it from any device. You can read more about the advantages of a professional-looking website here.


#4 Provide as much information as you can give about your products.

Buying clothes online deprived the buyer of touching the fabrics and inspecting the quality and design personally. To give them a clearer idea of how they look like in person, you have to be informative by providing the following:

  • At least three high-quality photos showing the style, fabrics, and stitching quality of the clothing.
  • A material’s guide, washing instructions, and true-to-fact size chart in your every product description.
  • Informative reviews from real customers who also bought the product.


#5 Market your products to trigger impulse buying.

Selling apparel online is all about emotions. The customers should be hooked by what they saw for them to buy the product immediately. Here are things you can do to convince people to click your “Buy Now” button.

Give social proof.

In addition to reviews and ratings from your customers, you can add as social proof your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram. You can make them visible at your dropshipping store by placing the appropriate widgets for your social media accounts like the image below.



These widgets build your reputation as a reputable and popular online seller, increasing your social media recognition in the process. Other social proofs are trust seals or badges from reputable payment gateways that make customers feel secure about purchasing from you.

Generate a sense of urgency.

Lure customers towards your store with a nice deal on a time-limited offer. By displaying a countdown timer in the product pages where there is a limited offer, the visitors would see if it will end soon. It can motivate them to order the product immediately so they won’t miss the special offer.

Upsell with complementary/related products.

You can increase the order volume in your dropshipping store by choosing some related items and show them to visitors whenever they view every product on your site. They are more likely to stay longer on your site to check out your extended product range. The longer they stay, the higher the chance of buying more than one product from you. You not only created an engaging experience for them, but you also increased your conversions and profits.


Final Words

Want to dropship fashion apparel? Start dropshipping products already and successfully make money using these strategies!

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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