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In the age of information that is the internet, especially when eCommerce is concerned, trust is leveraged in the form of tangible outlets that give site users a sense of trust in either the brand that an eCommerce platform is building itself on or the products that they have on offer. This can be achieved through the use of images, that verify the existence of a product or in the case of the store itself, customer reviews and reactions to content such as blog posts to give new users to a site an idea of the level of authenticity and service that a store offers. Aspects of any store that should be prioritized should you wish to build for yourself a reputation that will bring with it repeat customers, and most important of all a well-deserved increase in sales.


1. The art of the customer review


According to a study released back in 2018 on the importance of product reviews when making a purchase online. It was found that 57 percent of the respondents surveyed said that customer review stats were the deciding factor in their decision to purchase a product online. This means that more than half of the traffic to your store relies sorely on customer reviews to give them assurance enough to make a purchase, and a lack thereof can drive them to competitor sites or cause them to holdout on a purchase until a review becomes available.


Nine out of ten consumers in another study-Claim that an online review is as important to them as a personal recommendation from a personal acquaintance or relative whom they trust. This grants products or sites as a whole, with customer reviews to attest for their level of service and quality, a level of authority only found elsewhere in the close personal friends, and relatives of your customers.


Businesses that featured customer reviews were able to increase the sales of expensive items by 380 percent when said products had positive reviews alongside them. The conversion rate of sites that had testimonials on their sales page increased to 34 percent.


This should be an indicator of how important customer sales are to any eCommerce store.


2. The science of customer reviews


The more specific a review, the higher the chances are that visitors to your store are actually going to buy something off it. Simple one-liners heaping praise upon a product aren’t bad per-say, but they also carry less trust, which won’t give you the sales results that a more in-depth review will, when featured alongside certain products.


A good review reads something like a synopsis of a customer’s autobiographical history, as much as the product on review itself. Including things such as what problem the product solved for the customer, past experience with competitor sites, and how you and your store solved a problem that they couldn’t. Count as examples of what a good review on your store should look like.


And although the content of a review is important, including things such as the reviewer’s name, residential area, social links if possible. Are great ways of verifying the legitimacy of a review, as most consumers have become aware of the fact that some less than reputable sites employ the use of fake reviews to solicit sales on their sites. Making such information a rule of leaving a review to your customers who wish to do so, is a great way to add a layer of credibility to all your reviews, which translates into a greater degree of consumer confidence in your stores brand image, and the products it has on offer within it.


3. The best way to increase sales with customer reviews


Simply getting positive customer reviews is merely one part to increasing your sales, but you need to master a couple of other elements to leverage the reviews to your benefit, sales-wise. And here they are to ensure your reviews result in increased sales to your store.


4. Give priority treatment to reviews that feature customer pictures


If possible try to ensure that all your featured reviews have a picture of the customer who leaves them. The reasons for this being apparent in the trust and credence this gives to whatever product or page you choose to feature the reviews in. Pictures give the impression of life to other visitors looking for extra assurance on a product. They give the reviews made life. By assuring them that another real-life person made the reviews, and thus purchase and enjoyed the product before them. Videos work just as well, if not better in the case of selling your brand to customers who haven’t already familiarized themselves with your products, and level of service offered on your store.


You can go about gathering such information in the form of pictures, and videos from customers by offering the option of membership to your site, in which details such as a real-time picture are prerequisites of completing their membership forms. This also gives you the added benefit of collecting data you can use in email ad campaigns to further channel sales to your store.


5. Strategically highlight reviews on your product pages


Your product pages are your sales pages. It’s where your customers go when they are going through your site in search of items to purchase. Customer reviews of a positive nature act as a great way of leveraging the marketability of the products you have on your products page. Rather than separating customer testimonials and relegating them to a page of their own include them on the products you feature on your products page to increase the chances of those products being purchased by new traffic to your site in their first go of everything that constitutes your store.


6. Use the power of reviews in abandoned cart emails


Statistics tell us that over 88 percent of all online orders are abandoned before being processed as a sale. This means that more than half of the people who start the sales process do not follow through on their action, and pull out of the sales process before a sale is made. This is a bad thing for your store as it means that the majority of traffic to your site isn’t bringing in the loot as expected where sales are concerned, and this is where customer reviews come in handy to dramatically turn the tide of sales in your favor.


Abandoned cart emails increase the odds of an order being recovered by over 63 percent, yes you read that correct over 63 percent.


Increase the potency of your abandoned cart emails by including your most flattering customer reviews in them. This is because, one of the biggest reasons that customers abandon a cart before following up with a purchase is due to the nature of trust on the internet being fickle, due to high incidences of fraud and underhandedness that occurs within it. Customer reviews act to assuage this inherent mistrust that most tech-savvy consumers harbor when using the internet in search of products to buy.


Including the very best customer reviews in emails designed to entice customers to go through with a purchase is a great way of leveraging the positive experience previous customers who have gone through with purchases in your favor to secure the sale of an item, and gain the trust of an entirely new audience of loyal customers sure to make repeat purchases in the future. And in turn, secure you more sales from the positive reviews they’re likely to leave you once they are more familiar with your products and level of service.


7. Deploy pop-ups to solicit customers into leaving reviews


Reviews don’t just materialize out of thin air, they come from somewhere, and your job as a store owner is to collect as many of them as possible, and be seamless while doing so. A good way to make the review collection process more efficient in terms of both time and effort for both you and your customers is by employing the use of pop-ups.


Ensure your pop-ups reveal themselves to customers who have just completed a purchase, and further prompt them for a review via email should pop-ups not be much in the ways of a motivator to get buying customers to leave a testimonial.


8. Use snippets to display customer reviews


Another way to prompt traffic to your site, one that carries with it a high buying potential, is to deploy the use of snippets whenever you come up on search engine results. This is usually in the form of a star rating system that was left to your store to display with pride by one of your satisfied customers. It’s a good way of gaining traffic with the already established prerequisite of trust established in your site from the information displayed on search engine results, which increases the chances of that traffic buying your reviewed products dramatically.


9. Scrutinize your reviews


Be cautious of treating your reviews as a single homogenous entity, rather pay close attention to each unique review, as you might be able to glean some useful customer insights from them that might prove useful when combined with other aspects of your business such as your social media marketing campaigns.


You may find that reviews are a useful tool for assessing the trends within the niche you’re servicing with your store. Reviews often reference the demographic of the person making them, and with enough reviews, you can get a good idea of the demographic that patronizes your store the most. It could help you identify popular products that would be perfect to be used in your social media ad campaigns.


Reviews are also to be seen as tools to be used for the betterment of your store. Sorting them by relevance and content can allow you to choose which reviews would be best suited to use in your emails. Which ones are best suited to feature on your product page? Which ones are best suited for use in your social ads? Remember that the main purpose or utility that reviews offer a store is credibility, and thus they should be used accordingly whenever credibility is needed in order to channel more sales to your site.



We’ll conclude this article with a summary of the key feature and theme that presents itself throughout the entirety of the article, and that is to remember that reviews act as a tool that gives your store an added layer of credibility in the absence of a real-time physical outlet by which to merchant your wares. It is in no way a substitute for quality, and excellent customer service, the things that will land you a good review in the first place. In short, the power of reviews should never be underestimated as a tool to increase sales in your store. In fact, you may find it’s the best tool you’ll have available to you for such an endeavor.








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