INTERNET HOSTING 101 – Choose your provider Wisely

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional
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The right hosting does indeed matter for just about any business owner who would like to be online and easily discoverable

When first establishing a website, a lot of people simply perform a web search and choose among the top options. However, establishing a website for the business should involve a bit more consideration. You will need the proper domain to fit your business and crucially you will need quality, reliable website hosting.

Without hosting, you haven’t any online presence. Website hosting may be the service that allows your site to be posted on the net. If it isn’t on the web, it’s entirely useless. Website hosting service providers provide technology and services to help keep your website online and viewable on the web while ensuring your website loads quickly and is secure.

Website hosting providers store your site on the servers and make sure it is accessible 24/7, if they’re an excellent provider. The proper hosting does indeed matter for just about any business owner who would like to be online and easily discoverable.

Why does WEBSITE HOSTING Matter?

Without a trusted hosting provider, your site simply won’t perform since it should. Good hosting matters because:

1. You will need your site to be accessible 24/7

Website hosting costs money and because of this fee you need to expect 24/7 usage of your website for several visitors. The payment you make essentially should make sure your website is online and it is necessary you determine your hosting provider gets the resources to help keep your website online. You will need a provider who guarantees uptime and acts quickly should their servers decrease.

2. You will need your site to load quickly

Page loading times are absolutely imperative to the success of an internet site. With a slow, lagging hosting provider you may be sure these potential customers will click off quickly. Google’s Site Speed benchmarks show just what the various search engines expect of an excellent website sufficient reason for poor loading times, you’ll defer both these potential customers and the various search engines.


3. Support can be acquired if you want it

The most good hosting providers have 24/7 customer services. They appreciate the necessity for any problems with your service to be handled efficiently. There also needs to be considered a wide selection of support methods to get in touch with who you will need, if you want them.

4. You reap the benefits of secure data recovery

A well-established host will make sure your files and website all together is safely stored and won’t just disappear. There were sad incidences where smaller serves have closed, taking almost all their clients’ websites using them, so it’s worth searching for a company who ensure the protection and safe storage of one’s website and its own data in every circumstances.

5. Your SEO could be improved

If your site goes down it’ll adversely affect your situation in the search engine pages (SERPs) and for that reason affect your SEO generally. The wrong hosting could be damaging to your SEO as you aren’t delivering the fundamentals searchers expect which will be found by the various search engines and affect your rating.

Choosing a Hosting Provider

There are some big names in the hosting world and bigger does provide you with the comfort of a recognised provider, nonetheless it isn’t right for everybody. Whenever choosing a hosting provider you should think about your unique requirements. Spending some time looking at the reviews and the grade of their customer support.

If you run a niche site in a particular niche or format, such as for example an eCommerce site or an online booking portal you might want to look for a provider who focuses on this area. For large eCommerce sites, for instance, the right company would have to handle numerous product pages, SKUs, and products which have to update quickly as sales are created to avoid anything for sale when sold-out.

When you search for a service providers’ website it really is worth looking at the added value they offer. Do they update their content regularly? Do they offer informational guides and help along with their customer support? Each one of these additional extras increase your service and so are worth looking at before making your final decision.

Your hosting provider as well as your Content Management System

There certainly are a selection of different content management systems you might elect to build your site on, including:


Far and above the marketplace leader, with nearly 60% of the marketplace share, an incredible number of websites operate on WordPress because of the simplicity it offers and also big brands have chosen this provider from TechCrunch to BBC America. Good WordPress hosting will grow together with your business in fact it is an easy task to scale along too, increasing its popularity.


Despite having significantly less than 7% market share Joomla continues to be among the top content management systems online. It had been used to create the united kingdom National Crime Agency website, and also the website for leading hospitality chain Holiday Inn Express. This is a little more technical to access grips with than WordPress, but you can find specialist Joomla hosting providers and also require additional expertise in this specific CMS.

NCA website


Drupal too is really a bit more technical than a few of the other content management systems to pick from but also for the technically minded this ensures a lot more capability to tinker and tweak behind the scenes. The technical nature of Drupal is evidenced by the actual fact it had been used to create the Linux website and again, specialist hosting providers might be able to offer higher level support if you opt to build your website on Drupal.

There are other content management systems which are popular, including Magento, Weebly, Wix and Squarespace. There exists a broad mixture of technical systems, where web development professionals are essential along with those which tend to be more “off the shelf” and will be pieced together by amateurs. In every instances the proper hosting will make sure your site is obtainable to all or any.

Choose your hosting wisely

Your internet hosting provider might seem such as a small little bit of your web puzzle, nonetheless it is really a crucial one. Hanging out and money creating a fantastic website is entirely pointless if it’s always heading down or never online at all. Think about your requirements before you take into account your options and appearance at the number of providers available instead of just picking the initial one you see.

David Linder

David Linder

MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford. Facebook Certified Planning Professional Facebook Certified Buying Professional

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