Sell A Saturated Product? Here’s How!

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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A saturated product does not mean you can’t sell it, it just means getting a sale will be harder.


Dropshipping has been around for years. Yet, every day, new people are jumping into it from all over the world. Dropshipping nowadays means facing tougher competition than the early days of this eCommerce model. You will be fighting out for customer’s attention with several dropshipping businesses selling the same products out there. As they will also try to outcompete you, your dropshipping journey will not be easy as you’d like it to be.

One common strategy that dropshippers do to beat competitors, is to look for under-saturated products. These are likely new dropshipping products that haven’t been tested in the market yet. Or, they are products with low order count but might turn out to be undiscovered winning products. However, picking these products is a gamble. You might find a gold mine or lose lots of money testing them.

While products with high order count or saturated market are hard to sell, they provide some opportunities too. The saturated product market has the following advantages:

  • Shows that there is strong demand.
  • These products have already been tested and proven by the market.
  • They provide data for upsells and related products that people are searching about.
  • They help beginners find a product that sells decently without taking a gamble on untested ones.


With the opportunities that a saturated product market presents, you can carve out a niche for yourself even if you’re the last one to leap into dropshipping.



How do you stand out in a saturated market?

There are many ways you can make your dropshipping stand out in a saturated market. I suggest that you check out this article to know what they are.

Selling a saturated product takes a lot of skills and creativity. Many people may have tried or owned the product already and if it’s not replaceable or consumable, they will not likely to buy it again. Yet, it should not stop you from making decent sales out of this product. Competing based on prices is not a smart way of selling in a saturated market. You cannot do this for the long-term and you might end up selling lower than what you paid for them. Instead of lowering prices, here are various techniques you can employ to sell saturated products.


#1: Target consumers from other countries that are not yet saturated.

A product’s market can be saturated in some areas but not in other places. Don’t focus on countries that are popular dropshipping targets like the United States, Australia, and the UK. Instead, research countries where the saturated product is not yet marketed intensely. By shifting your marketing efforts to these countries, you’ll find a new market to sell your dropshipping products.


#2: Brand your business to set it apart.

In the dropshipping model, more than one dropshipper can sell a given product. To set yourself apart from other dropshippers, you should have good branding. By branding, your target customers can easily recognize your business. You can create an impression for customers through a combination of website design, color palettes, copywriting, and imagery.

To build a brand that gets more sales, your store should look and talk like your target customers. People are attracted to online stores that feel familiar to them. So if you focus on branding your dropshipping business into something your prospects recognized, you’re likely to earn their business.


#3: Research your competitors’ techniques.

Another strategy to make your business different from other dropshippers is to research your competitors. You should know what your competitors are doing and what they don’t do. You should find out if their current strategies are working or they’re just wasting money on those. This is valuable information that you should never pass up. Your competitors might be overlooking a channel or tactic that will be worth exploring for you. Any existing gaps in their strategies can be an opportunity to leverage your dropshipping business.


To do this, you should look at their stores and read reviews about their products and services. You should monitor their social channels and learn where they are advertising. You could sign up for their free trials or join their mailing lists to receive their newsletters and updates. This way you’ll have an idea of how they are marketing their products to their target audience.


#4: Explore offbeat marketing methods.

Most dropshippers utilize social media and search engines for advertising. Yet, there are other unconventional methods you can explore to promote your dropshipping products. You have to get creative when marketing saturated products and one way to do it is local advertising. Local advertising can help intensify marketing efforts on where the majority of your target customers are located. It is an advertising tactic that many dropshippers overlooked. This article explains the different ideas you can do local advertising, so make sure that you check it out.


In Conclusion

Saturated products still have the potential to get profits by employing the above-mentioned techniques. A dropshipping business might be easy to start but it’s not easy to get results. Finding untapped products is not a surefire way of achieving success in dropshipping. It’s always a gamble. You have to test and test products to discover the one with the potential for success. This means more spending for you.

Meanwhile, a saturated product might be harder for you to sell but, you’ll have data to use to help you strategize better. With their help, you can find a new market to sell to, create upsells, and explore offbeat marketing methods that will get you customers that haven’t been advertised to. Therefore if you find a product that you want to sell, don’t let its saturated market stop you from doing so. There are measures to get decent profits from it, don’t hesitate to try them out.

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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