Targeting an Audience in Dropshipping: How to Do It Right

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Targeting an audience in dropshipping is a hit-and-miss when you don’t have a definite target audience profile. A target audience is a specific group of consumers that will possibly respond to your products and promotions. You must define your target audience before you start any advertising and marketing activities to ensure that you’re not wasting money, time, and efforts on the wrong people.

Dropshipping, just like other businesses require that you should only focus your marketing efforts on your desired customers to get an ROI. If you try to sell to everyone, then you’ll end up selling to no one. There’s a lot of noise in the world of dropshipping and if you don’t speak to a particular group of people, chances are, no one will hear you at all.


Why identify your target audience?

You need to identify your target audience so that the information, language, and channels that you use can help you effectively connect with them. When you have a defined target audience to work with, marketing would be done cost-effectively and efficiently. To come up with the right group of customers, you need to do a target audience analysis.

A target audience analysis can provide a marketing direction for your dropshipping business. It will also make your messages more consistent which is essential for building strong customer relationships. To conduct a target audience analysis, these are some factors that you should look into:



People of different ages behave in different ways. Millennials buying behavior is not the same as Gen Z. Also, the buyers of your product may not be its users. Let’s say you’re selling baby toys. Although the babies will be using the products, it is their parents that you have to convince to buy. Therefore it is a must that you define the age of your target audience to create promotional strategies suited to them. If the age range is not obvious, make sure that you keep your target market as narrow as possible. The more factors you consider when identifying your target audience, the more narrow it is.



Are your target audience male, female, or both? If your product is exclusively for men like beard oil or aftershave, the obvious target of your campaign would be men. However, you should consider the possibility that women will buy the product as a gift. Whichever you decide to target with your ad ensure that you use the right messaging to your chosen audience.



To know the language of the huge chunk of the audience that engages with your page, check the Facebook Insights. If they have a different language than yours, you might consider investing in ads in different languages. You might also think about having your website translated to the language that the majority of your target audience use to avoid confusion.



Determine the location of your target audience. Are you dropshipping within your country or overseas? Many dropshippers are residing outside the US but their target customers are US consumers. You wouldn’t want to advertise to non-US consumers if you’re not dropshipping products worldwide.



Identify your target audience through their personality. What are their interests? What are the issues they care about? How do they spend their free time? Where do they hang out online? Are they more reachable on mobile or computers? When you have these data, you’ll be able to design your ads to fit the screen that your target audience is using.

There are other demographics you can use to define your target audience. Education, occupation, religion, ethnic background, and countless other categories. A defined target audience will help you allocate resources properly and stay within your marketing budget. When you clearly understand the people that need your products and you can resonate with them through your marketing efforts.


How can you execute a target audience analysis?

Once you learned the importance of identifying your target audience. It’s time to perform a target audience analysis so you can understand your customers better. There are three effective ways you can accomplish this:

Create a marketing persona.

Use Google Analytics.

Do a target audience analysis with Facebook Insights.


Create a marketing persona.

According to Hubspot, using marketing personas made websites 2-5 times more effective and easier to use by targeted users. To create a marketing persona for your dropshipping business, you can do online research. Visit the websites that your potential customers might like and read the comments there. You might get tons of valuable information from people who commented there. Forums and blogs are great sources of information.


Use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics offers information that you should use when conducting a target audience analysis. The key areas to focus on are demographics, interests, and location.

By looking into the Demographics report of Google Analytics, you’ll know the age and gender of the people who visit your website. The Interest report, on the other hand, gives you ideas on their preferences, habits, tastes, hobbies, and more. Knowing where your visitors come from will provide insights as to their languages and cultures. All these data will make you understand which types of content are relevant to your website visitors. You can also avoid posting information that might confuse and offend them.


Do a target audience analysis with Facebook Insights.

The third way of doing target audience analysis is by using Facebook Insights. You can quickly learn how many have viewed your page and filter according to categories such as Age and Gender, City, Country, Device (computers, mobile device), and Section (photos, videos, posts). You can use this data to post the type of content most preferred by your audience and learn about what they want or need through their recommendations and reviews.


Key Takeaway

You must identify your target audience so you’ll have a direction for your marketing. Targeting an audience in dropshipping can be costly if you don’t do it the right way. You’ll end up spending a lot on advertising and marketing and not generate a decent sale if you market to the wrong people. Determine the type of customers that would be interested in your dropshipping products so you can allocate your resources properly and not overshoot your marketing budget. Your goal should be to spend less and earn more to make your dropshipping business successful.


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David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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