The Top 18 Niches to Start Dropshipping in 2020

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Choosing a profitable dropshipping niche is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when starting a dropshipping business.


If you’re a beginner in dropshipping, picking the niche for your dropshipping business is not easy. With so many niches to choose from, you can get overwhelmed with the choices if you don’t have criteria to follow. Chances are, you’ll get stuck in the brainstorming phase due to indecision or just pick any niche randomly without analyzing the pros and cons.

Before you assess dropshipping niches using a set of criteria to get the right one for you, you should first know what are the best niches for dropshipping this 2020. The best niches in dropshipping are not only profitable but, they can stand the test of time. They are timeless or evergreen and do not go out of trend after some time. There will always be a demand for them throughout the year in different parts of the world.



To get an idea on which dropshipping niche to pursue, here are the top 20 niches to start dropshipping in 2020.


Incredibly Profitable Niches

Niches with dropshipping products that can solve a problem and people are passionate about have been proven to be profitable for dropshipping. These four niches’ profitability for dropshipping is supported by prominent global market shares that make them ideal for worldwide dropshipping setup.

#1 Cosmetics

#2 Home Décor

#3 Handbags

#4 Toys


To learn why the above-mentioned niches are insanely profitable this year, I recommend that you check out this article.


Niches with Steady Demand

The best niches for dropshipping this 2020 have continuous demand in the market. The probability of repeat customers is high because the products are consumable or replaceable. People will buy again to replenish their supply or upgrade to a newer model to enjoy the latest features or functionalities. These niches include:

#5 Wearable Technology

#6 Travel Gear and Accessories

#7 Indoor Gardening Tools

#8 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Products

#9 Fashion

#10 Pet

#11 Sportswear


This other article can give you a lowdown on what makes these dropshipping niches very promising for new dropshipping business owners.


Niches with Best-Selling Potential

Most of these niches have been around for years but the rising demand for these products is fueled by people’s desire to have a healthy, fit, and stress-free lifestyle.


#12 Cozy Home Elements

Thousands of people across the globe want an organized, appealing home to come to after a stressful day at work. To make the best possible environment for themselves and their families, shoppers go online to look for products that can provide the convenience and relaxation they need in their busy lives. Dropshipping products like cute laundry baskets, vacuum storage bags, and the humidifier can get you sales from this niche market.


#13 Home Fitness Equipment

Busy careers and financial constraints compel people to look for a cheaper yet effective alternative to working out – the home fitness equipment. As more and more people are turning to low-cost home fitness, you can greatly benefit from this huge industry by selling products like home fitness set, yoga mat, and a resistance rubber band.


#14 Kitchen Supplies

Kitchenware and appliances break down after some time and need to be replaced with newer and better products. Cooking is a time-consuming task that people do daily. Thus, they are looking for innovative tools and supplies to reduce the amount of time they spend on this task so they can take care of their other chores as well. Products like portable blender machine, stove protector, retro metal plates


#15 Personal Safety

People want to stay safe wherever they are which is why the interest in this niche is growing based on Google Trends. As potentially dangerous activities may happen when they’re walking home or traveling abroad, people look for products that can give them a sense of safety and security. Some of these products are anti-theft backpack, fingerprint lock, and alarm keychain.


#16 Portion Control Tools

People are paying more attention to their diets and becoming more conscious of meal portions. They need help to stick with their diet plan to meet their health goals. By introducing products like portion control plates, bowls, and containers, you’ll have a high potential of building a profitable dropshipping business in this niche.


#17 Sleep

Better sleep is what many people want to get in their daily life. It’s a common problem that people from all walks of life and in different parts of the world want to resolve, desperately. Although big brands are already focusing on this market, this is a money-making opportunity that small businesses should not pass. Dropshipping products like memory pillows and anti-snoring devices that promote quality sleep is a smart move for new dropshippers.


#18 Healthy Children Eating Accessories

Parents want the best for their children and making them safe and healthy is a priority for them. To ensure that they’re children are eating the healthy way, they’d want to prepare their meals and snacks themselves. Going after this niche is great because there’s a wide range of products you can choose to sell like milk formula bottles, food containers, and portable lunch trays.

Final Thoughts

So, there goes our list of the top 18 niches to start dropshipping in 2020. You can choose the niche you want from the best niches for dropshipping this 2020 using the methods presented in this article. By picking a niche with the most potential for profits that you can sell very well, you’ll have a better chance of making dropshipping a stable means of income for years to come.

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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