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The festive season is upon us, and we have but a mere 3 months until Christmas. With the conventional holiday bonanza spending that accompanies this time of the year. Is a sales boom very contradictory to what you might expect occurring right under your nose, and that’s home & garden products. With $1 trillion in spending on Christmas related items in America last year alone, and $150 billion of that going to online purchases, we’ve listed 10 items guaranteed to secure your store a portion of these massive stakes.



1. Apple Slicer

A modern twist to a culinary staple, the Apple Slicer answers an age-old problem for your customers- how to get the perfect apple slices! Constructed of high-quality steel for durable everyday use, and boasting the prestigious title of being a completely new invention in the market, all the while sporting nomenclature that is SEO certified gold, with the term apple peaking in Google search queries. This is the perfect addition to your dropship store to kick off your festive earnings.


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2. Windproof Non-Slip Clothesline


Perfectly marketed to consumers as the ultimate solution to airborne clothing when those pesky north winds come rolling through. Raking in a phenomenal $19.63 profit margin off a cost of just $2.35, utilize the Whitelabel opportunities that come with the Windproof Non-Slip Clothesline for some always needed brand alignment, and cater to a massive audience of 32 million people with 890K Facebook views. With a 99% seller score on Aliexpress, this is a product your store can’t do without.


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3. Smart Solar Powered Pest Repeller

A change in seasonal weather often brings along with it unwanted pests, and this is your chance to provide a practical solution to your customer’s pest control needs. With high search query volumes into pest control (especially in America) being indicative of the need in the market for a product like this right now, this is a much-needed addition to your store. This product comes with an already existent audience of 1.8 million Facebook views, and an incredible 100% seller score on Aliexpress coupled with an equally impressive 5/5 product score. This is a guaranteed bestseller!


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4. Artificial Decorative Grass Balls

The perfect product for busy consumers who still want their gardens to look aesthetically pleasing without the often tenuous manual labor that accompanies a good garden and this is your chance to sell to them. Never comprise on your brand image by selling your consumers a product manufactured from the highest quality PVC with 3 layers to stay the same no matter the weather or season. With profit margins of $12.44, 735K views on Facebook, and a 100% seller score on Aliexpress. This is a double win for both your store and customers.


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5. Ultimate Seafood Shears

The festive season often means your consumers will be eating luxury food items such as lobster and other hard-shelled foodstuffs. Which is why this is the perfect product to add to your store this festive season should you wish to capitalize on this trend in consumer spending. Add your own customized branding through whitelabeling opportunities, and go on to sell to an already established audience of 32 million people, with 705K Facebook views and social media engagements.


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6. Retro Game Console


Capitalize on customer nostalgia with this product, giving them the chance to relive the magic of their youth this festive season. The Retro Game Console is an amalgamate of 40+ consoles in one machine, with simulators of all the biggest gaming consoles of yesteryear. With language support in 26 different tongues, sell to clientele throughout the globe, and rake in on profit margins of $40.44. This product brings with it an audience of 99 million people with a Facebook engagement rate of 4.2 million views. Views that constitute a consumer audience of middle-aged, high net worth individuals, which should necessitate this product as an immediate addition to your store.


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7. Solar String Light

The perfect item to help your customers lighten up their gardens, and outdoor spaces. The Solar String Light works as the perfect tie-in to the festive season, with the added consumer benefit of being of use to your customers well after the festivities have ended. Retailing at a profit margin of $13.67, with 1.9 million views on Facebook and a 99% seller score on Aliexpress. This is one item that is sure to leave your pockets feeling festive this holiday season.


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8. Creative Food Preservation Tray

The festive season brings with it a lot of leftover meals from long nights of family dinners and extravagant parties for your customers, and you can help them save up on food costs by selling them the Creative Food Preservation Tray designed to do away with spoilage and save your customers an arm and a leg on food costs. Imprint your own branding on the item through whitelabelling, and market your wares to an audience of 24 million people, with 1.8 million Facebook views to boast. Your customers are sure to thank you in kind for this one.


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9. Polar Bear and Penguin Cube Mold

A novelty item that’s sure to be a hit with consumers over the holiday season, so don’t miss out on the selling opportunities and stock up on the Polar Bear and Penguin Cube Mold today! Build your brand image on quality and a quirky inventiveness through the whitelabelling opportunities that this product affords its stockists. With exceptional profits of $12.37 coupled with 2.4 million views on Facebook. Make your customers the belle of the ball when it comes to accessories for their festive parties.


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10. Solar Fountain

Make a healthy profit, all the while never compromising on your morals or sacrificing your conscience and the planet while doing so with the eco-friendly Solar Fountain. Designed with an aim towards self-sustainability in mind, this product runs on nothing but solar energy, saving your customers money through energy costs and the planet simultaneously. With a profit margin of $23.03, and a trend in search queries on solar energy to give your product momentum. Jump on the bandwagon to save the Earth through the sales of sustainable products, and start gaining your share of an audience that’s made up of 87 million consumers throughout the globe!


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With the biggest event on the holiday calendar nearing, consumer spending is forecasted to grow to epic proportions in the upcoming months, and we wouldn’t be who we are Product Mafia if we didn’t offer you a way to garner your share of the profits. Which is why we have included 10 of the bestselling items guaranteed to sell like hotcakes if the Home and Garden niche is the market you serve through your dropshipping store.





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