Top Tips for Your Dropshipping Video Ads

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.
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Dropshipping video ads are the best way of ensuring that people will remember your brand and revisit your site.


If you’re a regular Facebook user, you’d certainly notice the increase of video content flooding your News Feed. And as a business owner, you won’t miss the chance of using this powerful content format to promote your dropshipping products. While businesses still utilize image ads and carousel ads, video ads are fast becoming a favorite advertising format these days. People love watching videos and Facebook could attest to that as the platform recorded an average of 8 billion views daily.

According to a Locowise study, photo content reached 13.13 percent of the total targeted audience while video content reached only 13.4 percent of that. However, when it comes to engagement, videos take the lead by engaging 5.49% of the total audience while photos managed an engagement rate of 4.67%.


So how do you ensure that you make impactful dropshipping video ads on Facebook?

The competition abounds on Facebook, especially for eCommerce businesses. This is no longer a surprise as the platform has nearly 2.45 billion active users. With so many businesses vying for users’ attention, it’s not easy to stick out and get engagement on your ads. By using dropshipping video ads, you’ll have an edge over those competitors that are using image ads or carousel ads. However, to create an impact with your Facebook video ads, you have to follow the best practices being presented in this article.



Dropshipping Video Ads Best Practices

Best Practice #1: Create a video ad that establishes the value of your dropshipping product

Your video should show what your product can do and what problems it can solve. By establishing the value of your product, the viewers will have a better idea of how it can benefit them. Ensure that the video will be entertaining to compel people to click on it and be taken to your landing page. Else, they will just move on to the next post to consume.


Best Practice #2: Make a square or vertical video ads only

Although there are three video ad specs you can use on Facebook, square and vertical videos have been found to have a bigger impact than landscape ads. Because the majority of Facebook users are accessing the platform on their smartphones, square and vertical formats would be more suitable for their small screens.

A study of Jane Goodall Institute’s video ad created with Animoto showed that square and vertical video formats beat landscape videos based on views, engagement, and completion rate.


These findings were also supported by a separate case study conducted by Buffer together with Animoto. It was reported that square video takes up 78% more real estate in a person’s mobile news feed than a landscape video does.

Another great thing about square video ads is that it can also be viewed nicely on desktops and laptops, making it possible for you to use only square format for all media channels.


Best Practice #3: Design dropshipping video ads with sound off.

According to Digiday, around 85% of video views on Facebook happen without sound. While a Facebook study revealed that 41% of videos make no sense without it. Thus, to create impactful dropshipping video ads, design them for sound off first. By adding captions to video ads, you can still convey your message to viewers even if they mute the audio of their smartphones.


Best Practice #4: Strive to engage viewers in the first three seconds

Hubspot found that their audience engages the most with videos in less than a minute. However, Facebook reported that 65% of users who watch the first three seconds of a video will watch it for at least 10 seconds while the remaining 45% will watch the video for 30 seconds. By looking at these stats, the first three seconds are crucial in getting engagement for video ads. Thus, if you want to create an impact, make sure that you hook the audience on those precious first three seconds.


Best Practice #5: Create video ads for mobile users

Targeting audiences on mobile has become a popular strategy for businesses. According to Facebook, 94% of Facebook Ad revenue is from mobile, which means, a measly 6% came from desktop-only advertisers.


With mobile video ads taking up the majority of Facebook’s video revenue, it only makes sense that you create video ads designed specifically for mobile.

Check out this video ad by Lacoste.


From the square format, engaging visuals that pique the viewer’s interest in the first few seconds, to successfully conveying a message without the sound, this creative video ad complied with Facebook’s best practices for video.


Final Words

Boost the sales of your dropshipping business with the help of dropshipping video ads. With the continued growth of Facebook Ads and the prominence of video on the social media platform, you need to predict possible shifts to adjust your Facebook marketing strategy. Use these best practices already so you can reach more people, increase post engagement, and achieve your goals in dropshipping.

David Linder

David Linder

I write about dropshipping, ecommerce and marketing. Owner of the worlds best product research agency for Dropshippers.

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