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We provide:

Data-Driven Product Research to save you  countless hours of tedious research.|

 New Winning Products,Every day.

Proven winning products with full product data. 

 No more guesswork. 

Facebook Ad Spy 

For every product I provide

links to the like Facebook ad  for that product.  

So you already know what ad copy works best. 

Targeting Recommendations

See where that product is currently selling the most, and access out unique audience recomendations for Facebook ad targeting. 

290 Reviews • Excellent

4.8 Stars   •  453 Reviews


Please can you whitelist my website from showing on your service?

Sure, we can whitelist your whole websites to make sure none of your products show on ProductMafia, protecting them from additional competition. You just need to be a PRO member to take advantage of this.

Can I white-label your products?

Sure, you can do whatever you like with our products. We just do the product research, what you actually do with the research is 100% up to you.

Once I make a sale, do you automatically fulfill the product?

No, we just do the product research and connect you with suppliers, but it is up to you to fulfill the product. We recommend suppliers you can use to fulfill the product, on Aliexpress, Amazon and Ebay. For maximum profitability we recommend aliexpress. Basically, once the customers orders from you, you just place the order on aliexpress and get the item sent straight to the customer.

Do you have any integration with eBay? 

No, dropshipping on eBay in 2020 is not very profitable at all due to over-saturation, even some of the more successful eBay drop shippers pay themselves poverty-level wages. For maximum profitability, we recommend dropshipping via Shopify. Of course, it’s your business, and you can sell wherever you like, but we advise against trying to run a business via eBay. 

How much is your service? 

We have two levels of service, FREE and PRO. Free membership is free forever, with free you do not have access to some of the best products, FREE membership is more for you to see how our service works and to see if paid membership is a good choice for you. PRO membership is $49 per month, this gives you full access to all the products and data. Right now we have a promo running where the first month of PRO is only $1

Does the $1 trail unlock all the products?

Yes, the $1 gives you full PRO member access.

Where are you located?

Our business is located in the UK, but our service is 100% online and we have staff all over the world, including admin staff in Indonesia, developers in the Philippines and product researchers in the US. 

Can I use a different source for your products? 

Sure, actually when we find suppliers, we use the most trustworthy suppliers, not necessarily the cheapest suppliers. If you have the time and experience to vet your suppliers fully before ordering, and don’t mind taking a little extra risk, you can usually find the products slightly cheaper by finding your own suppliers, rather than using our suggested ones.

Can you give me a free trial?

Sure, it’s free to sign up. We have two options, free membership and PRO membership, you can join the free and stay for as long as you like without needing to pay.

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Product Mafia Blog

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The Worlds #1 Dropshipping Product Research Agency on TrustPilot

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TrustScore 9.2 | 87 reviews

Aks calm

5 Stars

I really love productmafia for the work…

I really love productmafia for the work that is doing to make us successful in e-commerce with everyday new products to test successfully, I’m very happy and hope the standard of the work will remain like this or better!

added 3 days ago


5 Stars

Countless hours of product research…

Countless hours of product research saved! Great for finding niche ideas as well.A must have tool for the price!

added 2 hrs ago

Bob Rusch

5 Stars

Product Mafia great for generating ideas

Hey, I have to say Product Mafia is a great resource for finding in demand products that I just would not know about otherwise. Great way to get ideas flowing too, so very pleased and will continue to make use. Thanks!

added 13 hrs ago

The Worlds #1 Dropshipping Product Research Agency on Google

10 / 10 | See all 11 reviews

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10 / 10 | See all 11 reviews

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