Modern slavery statement

Product Mafia Limited

Modern Slavery policy

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 came into force in October 2015, the act encompasses human trafficking, slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour. The Company are committed to the rights and well-being of the people. Therefore we confirm that we will not knowingly research and publish the content of any product whose company do not adhere to this policy.

We are committed to taking the appropriate steps to ensure that everyone benefits from a working environment in which their fundamental rights and freedoms are respected. Our company policy promotes freedom of association and clearly defines that forced labour is unacceptable

We make every reasonable effort to ensure all of the companies, whose products we research, confirm all of their workers are legally entitled to work, registered to pay the appropriate tax and National Insurance contributions and that relevant legislation relating to health and safety, Working Time Regulations, pension enrolment and minimum wage are followed.
As valued trading partners our expectation and requirement is their business operate and are committed to the same ethical standards as we are, ensuring the rights and well-being of their own employees and those within their own direct supply chain.

We recognise that the issue of slavery and human trafficking is a global issue and often difficult to detect; therefore, open communication with our trading partners is critical to ensure that any issues are detected and resolved. We welcome and encourage our trading partners to discuss any queries or concerns they may have relating to this legislation.